See 5 reasons to buy a Porsche Macan and 5 not to buy it

See 5 reasons to buy a Porsche Macan and 5 not to buy it

Buying a pre-owned car is far from a wise decision. Even more so when it’s a Porsche, it makes a mark with a strong emotional appeal. The Macan, the German brand’s SUV, was restyled for the 2023 lineup and serves as Porsche’s gateway.

According to the manufacturer’s data, 80% of Macan buyers are buying their first Porsche. To attract the public and retain it, the characteristics of a car need to go beyond enthusiasm.

If you find yourself in the privileged position of looking for a luxury SUV, here are five reasons to pick up the Macan and five not to.

We ride the new Macan, check out the demo:


Five reasons not to buy a Porsche Macan:

If you’re looking for a mid-range luxury SUV, or just a car in that price range, and you’ve included the Porsche Macan on your list, these points can help you differentiate its design. A luxury and sporty brand is great, but it might not be for you.

1. Price

The entry-level Macan, with a 2.0-liter turbo engine, starts at R$439,000. For those who want an SUV of this size with a similar powertrain configuration, there is the option to pick up the Audi Q5 for R$369,990. Another competitor is the BMW X3, which starts at R$399,990.

And if you consider that the Audi Q5 has the same engine and the same platform as the Porsche Macan, but offers more interior space, the choice becomes more reasonable. Another aggravating factor for the price charged by Porsche we will see below.

2. Options

porsche macan entering the brand configurator with many options
In the configurator it is possible to double the value of the car only with options

Click here to access the Macan configurator on the Porsche website. This price of R $ 439,000 is just the beginning, the German manufacturer offers many options in its car. There are only 18 wheel options, some costing around R$30,000. What? do you want Porsche color in the middle of the wheel? Pay another BRL 1,090.

In addition, things that are common in national compact cars are on the options list, such as a front parking sensor and a 360° camera system. Playing with the configurator, we were able to put R$ 481,770 in options, raising the price of the car to R$ 920,770. That’s putting a 2.0 turbo engine under the hood, which is the same EA888 equipped on the R$216,990 Jetta GLI.

3. Internal space

Anyone buying an SUV may be after a car for the family. The Macan’s 488-litre boot is impressive, but those who prioritize interior space may be better served by smaller sports cars, such as the Volvo XC60.

If luxury can be left, there are seven-seat SUVs for less: Jeep Commander, Chevrolet Trailblazer and Mitsubishi Outlander.

4. Attracts attention

miami blue porsche macan suspension
In this Miami Blue painting, it’s hard to be careful

Owning a Porsche must be a great personal achievement, but such a car is unrecognizable on the street. Even the option-less entry-level Macan, which costs the same price as the Toyota SW4, comes across as something of a premium.

More discerning consumers who chose the Macan for its performance and not its image will have to live with prying eyes. In addition, there are “drivers” who always think that every car driver has more sense of sports than racing.

5. It is an asphalt SUV

porsche macan wheel
Performance tires and sports suspension show the environment the Macan was made for

In theory, an SUV is a mixed-use vehicle, which is used for off-roading. The first generation of the Porsche Cayenne came ready to face the road and was even reduced. The current wave of branded services has left this capability aside.

The Macan even features off-road modes that control traction to handle uneven terrain. But the lower suspension limits what can be done. Air suspension is an option that can help in these performances. But if you are going to face the road often, you better visit a Land Rover dealer (or not).

Five reasons to buy a Porsche Macan:

Not only is wisdom created by life. In a world full of uncertainty, this could be your chance to own a Porsche in your garage. And the Macan offers good features, as well as being more practical than the coupe in everyday use.

1. Performance and dynamics

porsche macan blue miami side of the highway moving
Behind the wheel, the SUV does not deny that it is a sports car

The entry-level version of the Porsche Macan with the 2.0 turbo engine may not be the fastest car in this price range, but it’s certainly among the most fun to drive. All-wheel drive directs power to the rear axle, and the front tires are thinner than the rear ones for greater steering precision.

For those who like more refined dynamics, there is the Macan T, which combines the suspension equipment from the GTS to the turbo 2.0 engine. And for those who prefer a more powerful engine, the S model now has a tamer version of the V6 2.9 biturbo used by the GTS instead of the old V6 with just a turbocharger.

2. Price

Price again? R$439,000 may seem like a good deal if the goal is to drive a Porsche. Before the Macan existed, it was more difficult to find a car from the brand. Apart from the cheapest model being the two-seat convertible Boxster.

The surprising thing about the price of the Macan is that it is slightly higher than the Toyota SW4 GR-Sport, which costs R$ 427,190. The Japanese SUV has a more powerful construction, with a chassis isolated from the body, and a diesel engine, quite different from the Macan. But when you see one on the road, you might think that the driver has the power to buy a Porsche.

3. Personalization

Playing with the options in the Porsche configurator can increase the price significantly, but on the other hand, it is difficult to find two identical cars. The possibilities of customization in the brand are great: from colors and finishing materials to the choice of materials.

Residents of Rio de Janeiro, for example, can choose their Macan with ventilated seats and not pay for the heating system. There is also an option to set a custom color, being able to choose from the list of paintings offered in the classic models.

4. Quality of finish

porsche macan interior panel
The environment is top notch

Inside the Porsche, everything you see or touch uses quality materials. Leather is natural, aluminum, carbon fiber and wood are provided for other surfaces. The entire car is assembled with the millimeter precision that made the Germans famous.

In this, the manufacturer stands out even compared to other premium brands, and it can be used as a justification for the price.

5. You will be a Porsche

porsche macan miami blue front detail
What? Will that look in your garage be enough to convince you to buy an SUV?

Despite booming in the Brazilian market, Porsche is still a brand that conveys an image of exclusivity. The Macan manages to bring together the brand’s key attributes in a compact package that’s easy to use every day.

Some features, such as the platform shared with Audi and the EA888 engine that is used in cars across the Volkswagen group, can make it look “less Porsche”. But we have to consider that the car uses a PDK gearbox and other brand features that make it more balanced.

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