sedan or station wagon, what’s the difference?

sedan or station wagon, what’s the difference?

The forerunner of the Spanish brand’s CNG offering, the new Seat Leon TGI is available in two body styles, sedan or station wagon. Are you hesitating between the two? We help you make the right choice!

Same mechanics

If you choose a sedan or a resort, there will be no change in the technical part. Both versions inherit the same features. They combine a 1.5 l petrol-gas bi-fuel engine with a power of 150 horsepower and 250 Nm and three tanks with 17.3 kg of gas at 200 bars of pressure. Added to this is an additional small tank of 9 liters used for starting and providing additional freedom if the gas capacity is not enough to go to the next station.
Performance: a modestly profitable sedan

Less weight and without more aerodynamics, the sedan takes advantage in terms of performance. But it’s actually just a hair’s breadth away with a surefire 0 to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds versus 10 seconds for the station wagon version.

The manufacturer’s technical sheet also gives a small advantage in consumption for the sedan with an approved value of 4.1 kg/100 km against 4.1 – 4.2 kg/100 km for the station wagon. In other words, not much!


5P Spotitourer
High speed 203 km / h 203 km / h
0 – 100 km / h 9.6s 10s
Acceleration for 1000 m starting from a standstill 31.3s 31.7s
Usage 4.1kg/100km 4.1 – 4.2kg/100km
CO2 112 – 113 g/km 113 – 115g/km
Sedan or station wagon … the interior is the same for both models

Criterion: the station wagon (obviously) is more livable

About 20 cm longer than the sedan and slightly higher, the Sportstourer version is distinguished by the additional space provided in the trunk. A detail that is useful on the TGI range where the presence of tanks reduces the loading space.

Although the 5-door sedan offers only 300 liters of volume, which may seem difficult for some applications, the Sportstourer version erases this shortcoming by increasing the capacity to 480 liters. A suitable size that will meet the needs of frequent travelers as well as professionals. such as taxi or VTC.

5P Spotitourer
Height 4368 mm 4642 mm
Height 1799 mm 1799 mm
Height 1,456 mm 1500 mm
Chest 300 liters 480 liters
Unloaded weight 1409 kg 1463 kg

Rates: a little extra for a station wagon

Sedan or station wagon, the construction of the range is the same for both ranges. In France, the Leon TGI range comes in two finishes: the top of the range Xcellence and the Business. Reserved for profit, the latter serves as an entry level.

As usual with manufacturers, the resort version is more expensive. The difference is €1,100 in the Business trim and €1,630 in the Xcellence version.


5P Spotitourer
Business €31,785 €32,885
quality €33,940 €35,570
CNG car Seat Leon TGI

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