Second person arrested in Jeep theft in Castro – P1 News

Second person arrested in Jeep theft in Castro – P1 News

Matheus de Lara

The action of the Alfa 43 team of the Castro Police, which took place this Tuesday afternoon (20), ended with the arrest of a 26-year-old man. He is the second person involved in the theft of a Jeep Compass, Thursday night (15), in Praça da Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Vila Rio Branco. Another accomplice was approached and arrested by the car at dawn on Friday (16), in Ponta Grossa.

Report of Front Page News received information from a police detective that the second thief was in Vila Operária. The man had an extensive criminal record. After his arrest, he was taken to the Castro Public Jail. Also according to the police, the car belonged to the owner of the pharmacy, which was also targeted by the thieves.


According to the police statement, the brutal robbery happened when the woman got into her car, surprised by two men wearing black shirts and hats, armed with a knife. They declared a robbery and took her purse and car keys.

The victim still tried to catch one of the thieves, however, he was pushed and fell to the ground causing injuries to his arms and legs. Later, the bandits took a course of neglect.

Later, the Castro police informed the Headquarters of the 1st Squad about the theft of the Jeep and described the perpetrators. Around 3 am on Friday (16), PM found a car on Avenida Souza Naves, Periquitos, in Ponta Grossa.

Image 1: Publicity / Civilian Police. Image 2: Exposure / Military Police