Sebastian Vettel turned down a €25m contract from Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel turned down a €25m contract from Aston Martin

July 29, 2022 at 2:50 PM by Marc Limacher

Sebastian Vettel has decided to leave the seat of Formula 1 and it is not money that would hold him back.

Negotiations however had started at the end of May, the two parties were in the process of reaching an agreement to continue the trip for one season. Everything was in place and finally Sebastian Vettel signaled his withdrawal from Formula 1. Canceling a conversation that took place with his Aston Martin teamfor the 2023 season.

When in the summer of 2020 Vettel started his current contract with Aston Martin, the deal was for three seasons. But every year it was discussed. In 2021, the German driver accepted a salary of 17 million euros (twice less than Ferrari), then in 2022 he agreed to drop to 12 million with a bonus of 5 million, if the team was in the top 5 of the constructors. world championship. Money is no longer a motivation.

A thoughtful idea of ​​retirement

The four-time world champion has been considering retirement since 2019. Recharge. He had extended his agreement with Scuderia Ferrari, for the miserable season of 2020. Then he accepted the challenge of Aston Martin, mainly to convince himself that he was still a driver, who could bring something. Ferrari had offered him, during the spring of 2020, a two-year renewal, with a salary close to what Charles Leclerc would demand. Vettel’s status has taken a hit. Aston Martin’s offer, though fair, won the day.

However, already during the last season, strong signs indicated that he will leave. At the end of 2021, Finnish driver Valteri Bottas revealed that two days after signing his contract with Alfa Roméo Racing for 2022 and 2023, the team offered him a salary 50% higher (€5 million) than that of his Swiss-Italian employer. The offer is too late to be successful. But it was the track that revealed that relations had already soured between the German driver and the English team. Now, the Aston Martin F1 Team will have to find a new driver.

Vettel has been given 25 million for 2023

As a poker player, Lawrence Stroll offered a salary of 25 million euros for 2023 to Sebastian Vettel, to continue the events, according to the noise of the Hungarian paddock, the theater of the next Grand Prix, this weekend. The German champion is no longer motivated, even with the last lucrative contract.