Seat MÓ, a subsidiary of Seat that already offers electric motorcycles, is entering the world of two-wheeled motorcycles with its 125 cm3 electric scooter. To do this, he teamed up with Silence, another Barcelona builder. We tested this new product sold since last December in Reunion.

The MÓ 125 has a long range of 137 km. It accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in just 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 95 km/h.

In terms of design, the MÓ Chair is attractive. It shows elegance and modernity thanks to the taut lines, and adopts a refined and innovative style. At the front, there are headlights with LED daytime running lights placed at the ends, which also serve as indicators, and which have a central, round light. A small wind jump just above the Kiti logo gives it height.
Although it may look thin, from the front, it can pass for a small 50 cc, in profile, its length measurements of 2.04 m and its overall length of 1.55 m clearly indicate that it is of 125 cc size. Even if we are far from Xmax or Forza, Seat MÓ can carry two helmets in a generous trunk of 39 liters under the saddle.
The Seat eScooter provides the user with a flat floor which has the great advantage of facilitating access and encouraging beginners. The apron provides good protection for the feet.
At the back there is a well-integrated LED light, just after the passenger grab.
The list looks complete and, first of all, the presence of a hook on the apron to connect a bag or luggage, if necessary. It also includes two USB type A ports on the right side (5V 1A & 2.1A), protected by a plastic cover. On the other hand, there is no storage compartment or a small glove box provided nearby, just to be able to handle the smartphone in question.


Both the front and rear boast LED lights and a modern design.


However, note that there are optional accessories such as precision mobile support, a larger bubble for expressways or a top case (back case). The LCD screen clearly shows a lot of important information for driving: battery level, selected mode, frequency, speed, distance traveled and even time and temperature…
General controls are distributed on the MÓ Seat stalks. On the left side, there are indicators, angles and lighting call controls; on the right side, upper beams, mode selection and information button. Note that the eScooter has a reverse gear that is very practical in maneuvering, which is activated only by pressing the green button on the left stalk.
Finally, last but not least, its ingenious battery. Seat MÓ has a system that turns the battery into a “suit on wheels”. Just pull the latch in the trunk, slide the battery and in a short time the end becomes transportable thanks to the telescopic handle and wheels. Easy to recharge at home or office. A simple, effective system, but also perfect for preventing thieves!

Although the LCD display is accurate and complete, switching between the speedometer (very small when driving) and the charge level would be possible.

Performance and price

The battery can be recharged using an integrated 600-watt charger, either in a removable configuration indoors on regular highways, or directly on the motorcycle if there’s a nearby outlet. It takes between 6 and 8 hours for a full charge. With a power of 5.6 kWh, it gives Kiti MÓ a range of up to 137 km.
In terms of performance, the MÓ 125 Seat benefits from an instant torque of 240 Nm allowing it to lead at traffic lights or cross calmly, with a speed of 0 to 50 km/h reached in just 3.9 seconds. To do this, it benefits from an electric motor located in its rear wheel that produces a power of 7 kW (10 hp) up to a maximum of 9 kW (12 hp) which can be used through three driving modes: Eco, City and Sport. .
At that price, future buyers will benefit in Reunion, at least until July 2022, from an ecological bonus of 900 euros, as well as another support from the Region of 1,000 euros, bringing the initial price of 7,100 euros to the final price of 5,200 euros. ! Seat is also currently offering an attractive LOA offer of 125 euros per month for 37 months and 15,000 km.
After a short briefing with our hypercalé business, eScooter maintenance is done quickly. Since you’re more of a motorcyclist than a scooter rider, the position is awkward at first, especially since there’s no sound, but you quickly feel comfortable in the MÓ Seat. Its compact size and lightness are no stranger to it and we are pleased with it. The saddle provides a high and upright seat. This position has the advantage of providing excellent visibility.
In evolution, we therefore have three ways of driving. The environmental condition gives the best freedom, especially by limiting the top speed around 70 km/h and by reducing the torque. It is in this situation and the most complete silence that we appreciate nature through the bushes.
from the Grande Fontaine to the “watermill”.

The wheel

Thanks to its clever system and despite its 41 kg, the Seat MÓ battery is easily transported.
Thanks to its clever system and despite its 41 kg, the Seat MÓ battery is easily transported.

On the road: stability and a sense of freedom

The single rear suspension is quite stable on this part of the slightly damaged road, but it gives the best feeling on the smooth pavement. In Eco, it must be noted that the engine belt during the deceleration phases. City mode is the one selected by default at start-up and allows you to go a little faster, up to 85 km/h and then allows a range of around 90 km. The best compromise of a low speed climb and a low climb. In Sports mode, the MÓ Seat becomes more responsive and “connected”. On the expressway, it is easy to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h on the Route des Tamarins. On the other hand, the freedom goes back a lot as it shows about 70 km. Always in this situation where the regeneration is high, one feels the engine has fully broken as soon as one “slows down the juice”.
With its eScooter 125, Seat is following in the footsteps of e-mobility with a convenient offer and useful services. As comfortable as it is, the Seat MÓ is therefore a pleasant surprise. Its removable battery allows easy charging on the go, and its autonomy of 130 kilometers is more than enough for normal daily use. With its unusual style, it is more comfortable in the urban environment, but remains powerful enough to leave the fast lanes!

MÓ seat