Scoops: Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Kia… Rain of Hidden Models at The Nürburgring

Scoops: Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Kia… Rain of Hidden Models at The Nürburgring

It shoots like it’s raining, from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or even Kia, this is how our photographer François, passing through the Nürburgring, was able to take advantage… and share it with you. What to see cars that we know more or less already but also wonder about future developments is not necessarily easy to guess.

Porsche is fine tuning its cars… and is it up to something?

It is on August 17th that the GT3RS version of the 911 will finally be officially unveiled. Meanwhile, he’s practicing his balance on the Ring, just to check if his aerodynamic attachments are working properly. There is little doubt about it, but it is true that it will take that for the most aggressive of 911s to be able to produce the best results in the game without compromise. The competition worthy car doesn’t have much to hide anymore but its technical data sheet is still unknown. Perhaps it should produce a power of 530 hp.

Just as strong but a little secret since we’ve known it since last November, the “little” 718 Cayman is also stretching its rims (where you’ll notice there aren’t many tires left). What purpose? It is very difficult to say, but there is clear progress in the air.

And that’s not all because at Porsche we also came to test future production models. The third Porsche Panamera of the name, expected in 2023, as well as the Cayenne Coupé which is preparing its facelift are still decorated with a generous aesthetic. But be sure, their optics will be more reasonable on the final models.

Porsche Panamera III New Driver
Porsche Cayenne Coupe Facelift Le Nouvel Motoriste

And then there is this “classic” 911 which may go completely unnoticed but which may also be one of the first examples of a modified version, itself which may be a hybrid for the first time at Porsche…

Porsche 911 Facelift New Driver

Mercedes-Benz scoops: final tweaks

It was also a small armada of Mercedes-Benz that circled the track. Some stars are already known as the latest 100% electric EQS. Another smaller and almost official reveal as the C-Class 63 AMG. Others are finally completing their development for disclosure and marketing within the near term as the Class A will be replaced.

But our eyes were really drawn to this second generation AMG GT which, although it is now very close to the SL that takes the technical basics, promises to be a very small sports car.

BMW: The Bavarian works on extreme sports cars

And also about the normal modification that should be revealed quickly, that of the X6.

BMW X6 Facelift New Driver

But we will especially remember the presence of the M2 whose lines we know very widely but which has not yet officially revealed itself beyond a small camouflage and which will wait for the start of the school year for that. Waiting until then, and even if there is little power, you can take the opportunity to read again our test of the 2 Series Coupe.

And especially the 5 Series, which we also have the chance to see the current generation, perhaps in the M5 CS version (already revealed, anyway) and the future G60 expected for next year and which we can see that the model is not. not yet fitted with its final optics.

BMW M5 CS New Driver

Scoop Kia: EV9 without complications

In the middle of this beautiful world, especially warm (and sound, our special correspondent confirms to us) we can also see the Kia EV9 of the future. The Korean manufacturer continues its 100% electric range and is in the form of a larger SUV of 5 meters which will therefore lead its ZE catalog.

Bonus: Lotus Eletre also comes to enjoy

And then suddenly, another machine crosses François’s camera. A beautiful chubby baby but still not easily recognized, especially for being hidden despite being officially presented. Fortunately at Lotus they are good and considerate of photographers (and marketing). And as for Port Salut, it’s marked on it! Here is the Lotus Eletre, a 100% electric crossover unveiled last March and which is preparing its sale.

Lotus Eletre New Driver

Photo credits: Charles Bouet and Edouard Bouet – Le Nouvel Automobiliste