Samsung smart TVs play more with the help of Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service

Samsung smart TVs play more with the help of Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service

Samsung wants to make its connected TVs the ultimate hub for gamers who swear by game streaming! So the manufacturer has announced support for Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service.

The 2022 range of Samsung Smart TVs welcomes a new game streaming service: this is Luna, a platform launched less than two years ago by Amazon. It will integrate the Game Hub, which already includes the most important services on the market such as Stadia (Google), GeForce NOW (Nvidia) and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Microsoft).

More than 1,000 games were streamed

This hub is growing very fast, since it was launched by Samsung last June! The developer had signed a big hit by planning the exclusivity of the Xbox TV app that allows access to a list of streaming games from Game Pass Ultimate. So Samsung is not kidding: with the help of Luna, we now offer over 1,000 games that launch instantly on our smart TVs, making Gaming Hub the number one place to stream games. “, rejoices Mike Lucera, the group’s game product director.

Amazon lifted the curtain on Luna in September 2020. This new service allows you to enjoy a list of streaming games based on several subscriptions. Prime customers get access to a rotating roll of titles, but there are premium versions starting at $4.99 per month for a selection of retro games. The €9.99 Luna+ formula is the most complete, but there are additional rates for each publisher. Thus, the Ubisoft + “channel” allows you to play all the latest titles of the studio for €17.99 per month.

Amazon obliges, Luna also lets you easily stream your exploits on Twitch. The platform is available on Windows, macOS, iPhone and iPad (via the web application), on Android, Fire tablets, Chromebooks. Unfortunately, it is still only released in the US.