Samsung plans to supply cameras for Tesla’s self-driving cars |  Computer

Samsung plans to supply cameras for Tesla’s self-driving cars | Computer

Samsung is in talks with Tesla – an electric car brand – and could expand its presence among car accessories. The idea is for the South Korean manufacturer to supply the camera module system for Elon Musk’s company cars.

Rumors about an agreement between the giants have been on the Internet for some time. Now, the possibility of the collaboration has been confirmed by Samsung through a report released last Thursday (7) by a news organization Reuters.

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Samsung and Tesla may reach agreement on electric car camera equipment – Photo: Disclosure / Tesla

It is not the first time that the two brands have appeared together. Last year, Samsung introduced the ISOCELL Auto 4AC, its first camera sensor for cars. On the same date, some sources said that this product could be used in the future in the Tesla Cybertruck, a solid Tesla vehicle built with an outer shell – and tempered glass – designed for high durability and passenger protection. The rumor did not go forward at the time.

Cybertruck will enter the market in the middle of 2023, according to CEO Elon Musk, with a good view of time. On the official website, it is possible to “get in line” to buy a car by paying with a US $ 100 card (about R $ 537, in the current direct exchange). There are no official values ​​there, nor information about the parts of the camera that will come from the factory.

Tesla Cybertruck could be launched in 2023 – Image: Disclosure / Tesla

According to a regulatory filing released last week, Samsung said it will continue to work on developing and replacing its camera modules. Apparently, the talks with Tesla are just beginning. That’s because the South Korean giant didn’t disclose the extent, or details, of the talks with Musk’s company.

It’s worth noting that the challenge of connecting Tesla cars may be tougher than we think. Other manufacturers, such as LG and Sony, may be in the running if Samsung does not close a deal with the electric car maker.