Sainz says Ferrari ‘needs to learn from Red Bull’ for 2023 – Formula 1 News

Sainz says Ferrari ‘needs to learn from Red Bull’ for 2023 – Formula 1 News

With 11 wins and six doctors still to be contested, Max Verstappen could be the champion already at the next stage of the 2022 season. formula 1, in Singapore, and Carlos Sainz believes it’s time for Ferrari to recalculate the path and focus on next year. In an interview with Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, the driver examined the Maranello team’s season so far and admitted that having a rival like Red Bull ended up highlighting the mistakes made.

Sainz is fifth in the World Cup standings with 187 points and is last in the list of those who still have a mathematical chance of winning this year, but the Spaniard admitted that what worries them now is ending the season without the title. trouble

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For Carlos Sainz, Ferrari needs to look at Red Bull and do it differently in 2023 (Image: Ferrari)

“I would like to have a good end to the season, especially given the many things that have happened to us this year,” said Sainz, who sees Ferrari as having a good foundation for next year. “I would like to have a smooth final part of the season, and a few things are happening to be able to get into the rhythm of next year, which will be a new opportunity. We have a strong base from this year, a good car, and the team has made progress.”

The #55 also has no problem realizing that the Taurus rival is the best role model at the moment, and Ferrari needs to learn from every clash it has had with Red Bull on the track and in the field.

“We need to look for improvements in some areas, such as reliability and consistency, but we have to remember that this year we are fighting a team like Red Bull, which has done everything perfectly. We have to learn and be the only ones to do it next year”, emphasized the pilot.

Verstappen remains, but Red Bull is flawless, from Sainz’s point of view (Image: Mark Thompson/Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool)

After a rocky start, Ferrari began to fall heavily due to reliability problems, but above all due to mistakes made by a pair of drivers (Sainz in Australia, for example, and Charles Leclerc in France) and to bad decisions in strategies. (Hungary). The Spaniard believes that there would be another situation if not for these problems.

“We would have fought for the championship if we had done things better and had a bit of luck at the beginning of the season. Why don’t you think that we will have another chance next year and that it can be achieved? Ferrari should set that target after the progress they made from last year to this year.

On Verstappen, Sainz said he sees him doing a good job, but joining Milton Keynes has made all the difference. “Verstappen is having a good year, but Red Bull doesn’t fail in anything, not in strategy, not in decision-making. They pay penalties in races where they know they will have the strongest car. They have a full season, and that makes them difficult to beat,” he admitted, though he makes it clear that they are “invincible and unreachable.” “Every race we will have a chance, and we will try”, concluded the Spaniard.

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