Sainz says Ferrari has a problem that will not be solved this year

Sainz says Ferrari has a problem that will not be solved this year

Driver Carlos Sainz has claimed the Ferrari car has a “fundamental” problem, which has prevented some of his races from starting this season. The Spaniard explained that the problem cannot be solved before the end of the year.

During Q3 this Saturday (30), the Spaniard was leading qualifying, but in the final minutes, George Russell overtook Sainz and secured his first place in F1. After the session, he expressed that he did not believe his timing was good enough.

“And as soon as I crossed the finish line, I knew someone was going to win because I made a mistake during the lap. I knew I wasn’t going to be on pole. (…) The thing is, I expected to be beaten by someone else, not Russell, so I have to congratulate him because he must have big lap,” Sainz said.

When asked how Ferrari is trying to deal with the escape problems, Sainz explained that there is a problem that can only be solved after the season. “There is a fundamental problem that we cannot get rid of this year. We know we need to work on next year and this year we are adding to what we have.”

“Some matches are very good, others are on the edge, but I hope tomorrow is one of the days where the start is very good. I will not go into detail, but it is something that manages the car,” Sainz explained about the possible issue.