Saint Marceau.  Thomas, Mathilde and Josselin travel across Europe for humanitarian activities

Saint Marceau. Thomas, Mathilde and Josselin travel across Europe for humanitarian activities

Josselin, Mathilde and Thomas are crew number 9. ©DR

Three young people from Sarthe have decided to start the journey Invasion of Europa. For 22 days they will discover Europe in themselves Peugeot 205.

A must have Peugeot 205 and form a group of three. This is already the starting point for the adventure Invasion of Europacultural and solidarity tour of Europe 10,000 kilometers through 20 countries in 22 days.

Acts of solidarity

On board the Peugeot 205, the crew rediscovered Europe while carrying out acts of solidarity. It has been since 2017 that the idea has been floating around in his head Thomas Cabaret. “I bought a 1994 Peugeot 205 for less than €350. Today, I have plunged it into the 21st century by modernizing it and providing it with all the necessary equipment for such a raid”, begins Thomas Cabaret. The latter buys his car in 205 and quickly creates a partnership: Sarth’Raid, which can be followed on social networks .

“I bought this car with the purpose of participating in this raid. It was important for me to combine challenges with humanitarian reasons. With the distribution of 70 kg of school supplies in 20 countries, the Europ Raid is what I wanted. »

Build a team

At first, Thomas did not have a team to share this project with. And then, a few years later, it was natural that he tried the challenge with his girlfriend Mathilde Beury and one of his friends Josselin Cabaret. “If we all carry, Josselin and I, the same name, we don’t have to come from the same family. I’m very happy to leave with him and Mathilde, it’s my Dream Team. Literally translated as a dream team!

To participate in the Europ Invasion, it is necessary to calculate a budget of 7000 €. Three friends are not discouraged and run a fundraiser, organize a sale. They were also able to count on almost €2,500 worth of fully funded mechanical parts.

Friends and family accompanied the three friends on their departure from Belfort
Friends and family accompanied the three friends as they left Belfort ©DR

A lot of help

“We are lucky to count on a lot of financial support such as local businesses in Beaumont: Briconates, As discount, Super U. Crédit Mutuel de Beaumont and the municipality of Saint Marceau also helped us. Qualit’n Price Communication Agency gave us the customization of 205 which we painted in the tricolor of our Sarth’Raid guild. »

Video: currently on Actu

You can follow the journey of Thomas, Mathilde and Josselin on social media at Sarth’Raid. The three friends will make a film of their European tour and will present it in the evening when they return to thank all those who participated directly or indirectly in their adventure.

Arrival August 20

The start took place in Belfort on July 29 and the final stage will take place on August 20. The team members will cross all of Europe, over thousands of kilometers, between France and Romania, between Greece and Germany…

The route crosses 20 countries, connects 12 capital cities, 100 UNESCO world heritage sites and more than 200 steps, and takes the most beautiful roads in Europe in a beautiful and diverse environment.

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