Sabine Boghici, accused by the police of beatings against her mother involving the millionaire’s works of art, had only BRL 83 in her account.

Sabine Boghici, accused by the police of beatings against her mother involving the millionaire’s works of art, had only BRL 83 in her account.

eighty-three reais and ninety-six cents. That’s the amount that the Special Police Center for Helping the Elderly (Deapti) found in the only bank account with the name of the actress Sabine Coll Boghici, 49, was arrested almost a month ago for embezzlement, false imprisonment, theft, extortion and criminal association, against the widow of the daughter of the tax collector Jean Boghici, Geneviève Rose Coll Boghici, aged 82. According to the investigation, the old woman was kept in a private prison for a year by her own daughter and was robbed of 16 pictures of paintings, whose value is more than 700 million dollars. Last Friday, Sabine was accused by Deapti.

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Apart from him, four other people were also indicted. The temporary arrest of the actor will be completed next Thursday (8). IN ADDITION, the Public Ministry of Rio (MPRJ) said that “The Second Office of the Public Prosecutor for the Criminal Investigation of the Botafogo and Copacabana Area will analyze all the material to adopt the appropriate measures”.

At the same time, in the account of the psychologist Jacqueline Stanescos, cousin of Rosa Stanesco Nicolau, mother of the saint Valéria de Oxóssi and friend of Sabine, the agents found the highest value of R $ 388,000.

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In the account of Valéria de Oxóssi’s mother, the agents did not find a penny. He lives in a luxury house in Ipanema. In the account of Diana Rosa Aparecida Stanesco Vuletic, Rosa’s sister, agents managed to find almost R $ 50 thousand.

On the other hand, in the accounts of Gabriel Nicolau Traslavina Hafliger, Rosa’s son, the agents found R$ 2,029.76.

In the photo, the member Gilberto da Cruz Ribeiro, from DEAPTI, holds the work Sol Poente, and Tarsila do Amaral Photo: Marcia Foletto / Agência O Globo

These values ​​are in the final report of Deapti presented to the parliament last week, to which EXTRA had exclusive access. In the document, the representative Gilberto da Cruz Ribeiro, owner of Deapti, says that “the total amount withheld was only R$ 440,154.22, a small part of the amount withdrawn from the old woman”.

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In the document, the agent describes the hijacked vehicles with the consent of justice. In total, there were six luxury cars. Freelander 2 SD4 SE by Jacqueline Stanescos; a Vectra Sedan Elegance by Rosa Stanesco; Chrysler Stratus LX and Slavko Vuletic Toyota Rava; BMW x1 with Diana Rosa and Porsche Cayman with a person connected to Diana Rosa.

Fifteen million in segregated assets

In addition to freezing the bank accounts of those involved, the Rio Judge authorized the seizure of assets in the names of those involved. In total, there were 11, all in the name of Rosa Stanesco Nicolau’s children. In the prosecution report, delegate Gilberto Cruz emphasized: “nine properties were found after the coup that killed the elderly Geneviève Rose Coll Boghici, in a total declared value of R$ 15,610,000.00, of which R$ 610,000.00 corresponds to two properties found before this year. 2020” .

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For example, Deapti showed several real estate purchases allegedly made by Rosa Stanesco. There are no residences in the name of Mae de Santo. They are all on behalf of their children. According to a report by correspondent Gilberto Ribeiro, on March 10, 2020, the son of a woman bought a house in a gated community in Barra da Tijuca worth R$2,700,000.

Six days later, Gabriel Nicolau Traslavina Hafliger bought a house in Fonte da Saudade, in Lagoa, for R $ 1 million and 300 thousand.

A few days later, on March 25, 2020, Gabriel Nicolau returned to boost the real estate market. He found another house in Jardim Botânico for R$1,630,000. According to the Civil Police, the money for the purchase of the properties came from the fortune of Geneviève Rose Coll Boghici.

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