Russell claims Ferrari and Red Bull regulations ‘went around’

Russell claims Ferrari and Red Bull regulations ‘went around’

Credit: Reproduction/Getty Images

FIA technical instructions on the vertical rotation of cars from formula 1, announced a few weeks ago, has not been implemented in practice so far. After a few postponements, the new measure is expected to be used in the return of the category until the end of the summer holidays in Europe. So driver George Russell thinks Ferrari and Red Bull will have more reason to mourn than Mercedes.

“Of course, Ferrari and Red Bull have taken advantage of the rules in that regard, while we respect the intent of the rules,” Russell told Britain’s Sky Sports F1 broadcaster. “But there’s no way to be sure that it would have brought them closer to us. We know that if it had been in our car it would have made it slower. There’s no way to be sure; every car is different. But it won’t help them, that’s for sure,” he said.

Fight for the Championship formula 1: What George Russell thinks

Regarding the fight for the World Championship, Russell believes that Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are close in quality. But Ferrarista has suffered from poor team strategies and personal mistakes, which allowed the current champion to open 80 points in the F1 table. However, the Englishman sees stability in Red Bull, and the right decisions every week.

“Max Verstappen and Red Bull are going around,” Russell said. “I think Max and Charles Leclerc are at the same level now. I feel very sorry for Charles, because he is doing a good job and he has been very unlucky. Max and Red Bull were very, very strong every week; we saw that in the last tests”, he observed.

Although there is a big advantage for the cars, Mercedes has reduced the distance to the leaders compared to the first race of formula 1. Right now, it has the ability to at least compete, which was not the case at the beginning of the campaign. Therefore, Russell believes that he can keep pace, so that it is possible to compete at the front.

“We are progressing as a team. We were finishing almost a minute behind the race winner at the beginning of the season; now it was 10 seconds in the last test. If we can continue at this pace, we will definitely enter the race”, he said. “I think as a team we are confident and we believe that we are doing a good job; there is no reason why we should not be at war.”