Rome: Driving Maserati, destroys the famous tower

Rome: Driving Maserati, destroys the famous tower


One businessman is accused of extreme damage to Rome’s cultural heritage, after driving down the Spanish Steps to the Maserati rental area.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, a 37-year-old foreign businessman, on vacation in the Italian capital, descended the baroque stairs of the famous Spanish Steps in a rented Maserati. It destroys part of the architectural steps.

The sports car broke down several steps. The damage has been temporarily repaired, pending further work.

Capital city of Rome

According to the construction, after descending the first level of the aircraft, the car would have stopped. The man then got out of the car, checked his condition and then tried to back away before calling for a tow truck. Eventually, with the help of a few nearby people, the car could be put on the road again and the man could leave the scene.

“I Was Wrong”

Police finally managed to identify the foreign national via CCTV footage and arrested him at Milan Malpensa airport. The man is now facing charges of extensive damage to a site protected by cultural heritage as well as by Unesco.

“Yes, I was the one driving the Spanish ladder,” the man admitted to an Italian newspaper. Corriere della Serra. “But I took a bad turn,” he said. He added that he did not think the incident was “serious” but confirmed that he was “ready to take responsibility”.

The steps of Spain are one of the most famous tombs in Rome. In 2015, the measures received a two-year refund that cost 1.5 million euros, funded by the Bulgarian decoration house, which has its main store nearby.


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