Rolls-Royce Canada must once again be an employer of choice

Rolls-Royce Canada must once again be an employer of choice

At a time when all employers in Quebec are struggling to attract and retain workers in the context of severe shortages in the aerospace industry, Rolls-Royce Canada is taking the opposite approach. By ordering the closure of 530 workers of its facilities on the Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse on March 15, the company is completely out of touch with the reality of the current labor market. This is what the Rolls-Royce staff wanted to highlight by turning out in large numbers at the Main Aviation Careers and Training Event which started this morning at the Science Centre.

By starting this labor dispute, Rolls-Royce Canada aimed to force workers to accept the end of the defined benefit plan and freeze wages for the years 2020 and 2021. Several negotiation sessions have been held since the lockout, but the company is holding its ground. claims aimed at reducing workers’ rights.

Global and final offer
Rolls Royce also submitted a so-called international and final offer on May 3. Members will vote next Wednesday. The negotiating committee and the executive committee will recommend rejection as Rolls Royce maintains its claims of retroactive working conditions. With the support of the entire CSN, the consortium intends to get Rolls-Royce Canada to change its model.

To supplement it, the company uses shells. The union has filed a complaint and will soon be heard by the court to enforce the legal provisions against the rash.

“The strength, the reputation of the high quality of Rolls-Royce Canada, comes first of all from our work, we, the employees, who sacrifice ourselves every day, so that this company shines, remembers the president of the union. , Frédéric Labelle. We have reached this conversation very frankly. We are very disappointed to see Rolls-Royce choosing a confrontational path. »

The president of the Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM-CSN), Dominique Daiigneault, insists that the struggle of the closed Rolls-Royce concerns all workers. “The whole of CSN stands with the workers of Rolls-Royce. The company thinks maybe it will be able to alienate its workers to make them swallow anything. He is wrong. We will do everything we can to support these workers until they get the respect they deserve and a good collective agreement. »

Without a collective agreement since March 2020, employees of Rolls-Royce Canada, aircraft engine maintenance specialists, are requesting a five-year employment contract. In particular, they want to get rid of the “orphan” clauses of the pension scheme and group insurance, improve wages and working hours and improve holidays.