Rita Cadillac reveals her biggest wish for 2022. Check it out!

Rita Cadillac reveals her biggest wish for 2022. Check it out!


No agglomeration. Year-end parties Rita Cadillac it will be his home in São Paulo. Rita said Otox who continues to take all precautions during this new coronavirus epidemic and who intends to continue like this, until everything is under control.

“I will spend New Year’s Eve at home, here in São Paulo. I still protect myself and protect my family and friends and that’s how it will be,” he said.


There is always something that we have achieved, that has marked our life. A gift, a letter, a view … No Rita Cadillac he told it Otox who remembers an unforgettable gift he received as a child at Christmas.

“Oh, it was Girlfriend’s doll. I was very happy, because I really wanted this doll!”.

And in 20121, another gift that will stay in the heart of Cadillac:

“This year I won the release of my biography, on December 8. Happy? It’s not enough to say what I feel!”.


On the 8th of December, Rita Cadillac signed the afternoon photo launch of his biography. The work is called “Rita Cadillac – Frente e Verso” and is written by journalist Flavio Queiroz.

In the book, Rita reveals several events of her life and work, such as her first performance at the Serra Pelada mine in Pará, where she went in 1984 to an exclusively male audience, after leaving the Chacrinha program. Problems at the beginning of his career, the dream of becoming a classical dancer, frustration in his marriage, his first child, sex movies, prostitution, concerts in several countries, as well as many things and dissatisfaction are some of the subjects. which forms his autobiography..

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