Rita Cadillac is unemployed and says the money won’t last until next year

Rita Cadillac is unemployed and says the money won’t last until next year

Rita Cadillac lives in times of joy and worry. If, on the one hand, he is happy to be, for the first time, playing a fictional character on TV – and not himself – he is also frustrated to see other projects crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. corona virus. The situation left the 66-year-old ex-wife in financial trouble.

It’s a struggle. I worked a lot on Carnival. Money is going out, but not coming in. No one expected this, no one had such a big reserve. I think this will be resolved only next year, but how can you survive until then?

Rita even decided emergency assistance of R$ 600 from the government during this period.

It wasn’t Rita Cadillac, was Rita de Cássia, a citizen, who has always paid taxes, and wants help. Although it is small, it is already something. With that money you have to do miracles. I keep thinking of a person who lives with only R$ 600, it’s really impossible.

Rita has been trying to find ways to earn money during the pandemic, and explains why she was seen delivering to popular restaurants and programs: it was a move to help friends who own shops.

I delivered the order to eight people. And this Friday I’m going to do the same pizza delivery, all to help my friends. How can I help you? It seems? So let’s go! I am not paid, except for friendship.

According to him, starting a wave of life, a fever throughout Brazil, is not in his plans.

I have been living with what I have, I have nothing to do. Are you living on a subsidy? I’m not a class A artist, people don’t want to fund a live from a class B artist. It’s hard.

“I suggest that the people of the theater should do something, even if it is a case of shooting a story, I am also having a conversation with the people of the movie I was going to make. They came to propose the truth of Rita Janga, then the money should come,” he says.

Nice to meet you, Cid!

Rita Cadillac in a scene from the series 'Auto Posto' - Disclosure - Disclosure

Rita Cadillac in a scene from the series ‘Auto Posto’

Image: Disclosure

If on the other hand Rita blames the situation in the real world, she celebrates what happens in the fictional world. Yesterday, he spoke for the first time on Comedy Central’s “Auto Posto”, which is about a gas station and the complicated relationship between its owner, Nelson (Walter Breda), a former singer, and his employees.

In the series, Rita plays Cida, a woman who inherited Nelson’s fan club from her father – she was a big fan of the only album released by the current holder of the post. This is the first time that Rita has incorporated a fictional character into a television work.

It was very cool. When I got the invitation, I said, ‘Here comes Rita Cadillac again.’ When I saw that I would be Cida, the character, I was very excited. There was even an event that came out first, for me it is a great passion.

Rita Cadillac lives her first fictional character on television - Disclosure - Disclosure

Rita Cadillac lives her first fictional character on television

Image: Disclosure

He expresses his gratitude to the director and producer of the series, Marcelo Botta, who invited him and said that being able to act in the same role as actors like Neusa Borges and Robson Nunes was a unique experience.

I learned a lot. I decided to check even the events that I did not participate in. There was a scene where I laughed really, really hard. It was a casino secret. It was so much fun, so much fun! It’s different from what I’ve always done, it’s an experience.

Rita says she enjoys her acting career and wants to get rid of the stigma.

I’m not that woman who just danced, who just showed her ass. Of course Rita Cadillac is like that too. But I can be a character: an old woman, a beautiful woman, playing the role of a wife. This works very well for me.

disaster and fear

Rita Cadillac as Cida in 'Auto Posto' - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Rita admits that the days of the epidemic have also been difficult. Thinking about the future, then, is not even talked about. He, who has always performed for devoted fans, now faces a dilemma: when will he be able to act again?

It is very difficult, I am a very angry person. I like to walk in the square, I go to visit friends and today I can’t do anything about it, I’m stuck. In the beginning I was much slower. When you see not just the moon, the burden is heavy.

For him, staying at home is the only alternative, respecting the trajectory of Rita Cadillac, his most famous creation:

I am part of a famous risk group: I am a smoker and I am 66 years old. I have already lost friends due to Covid-19, one thing remains in my head: ‘I can’t go during this epidemic, this is not the end I wanted. I don’t want that ending for Rita Cadillac.