Rita Cadillac becomes a dog transporter to save the restaurant

Rita Cadillac becomes a dog transporter to save the restaurant

Former Chacrete Rita Cadillac has been setting a good example of kindness during quarantine. Although he belongs to the risk group of covid-19 because of his age, he volunteered to provide free hot drinks to help a cafe near his home, in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília, in the center of São Paulo.

The move began at the beginning of the pandemic and made sales of box lunches and snacks in Portuguese bars increase.

The plan came from Rita herself when she saw the difficulty of the institution in taking care of itself during the quarantine.

“Since they did not deliver, they had to start. Then I called Vitor, who is the owner, and said to promote there for giving for God. It doesn’t go in much, but don’t wait, God will close it until you can open it. So, to get attention, I suggested that they do a promotion for me. With a mask, alcohol gel and everything”, he tells Rita Cadillac free ratchet.

Credit: Playback/InstagramRita Cadillac provides a hot meal to support a neighborhood restaurant

Now, even after permission to reopen restaurants, the actor continues to help with delivery. “I live next door. So I’m always there. When there is promotion, we are already planning 5, 6 shipments in the shipment”.

The prospect of having Rita Cadillac at your doorstep still inspires many old and new customers. “I thank God that sales have increased. Then people say: ‘wow, you can’t send Rita?'”, he laughs.

This is not the actor’s only plan. During the pandemic, he has used his social media to give visibility to local businesses, promote his work, as well as perform other actions that have not been published.

“I think everyone should help themselves at this time. We are going through a stage where everyone, if they can help another, reach out to another, we will get through this with less pain. Because you already have the pain of knowing that many people are dying, you already have the pain of knowing that your friends are already they have got this disease, so what should we do? Help,” he says.

Rita, who comes from the cultural area, one of the sectors most affected by the epidemic, insists that she does not earn even 1 real with the deliveries or the publications she makes.

“No money comes to me either. And people end up not seeing you helping today so that tomorrow someone will help you too. One hand washes the other. We don’t know tomorrow.

Hot shipping with Rita Cadillac always takes place on weekends. If you want to give the restaurant a go and – who knows – find out, just order food at the restaurant. of Mirandese.