risk of Adblue deficiency

risk of Adblue deficiency

The tension over the supply of Adblue was already visible sometime before the 2020 pandemic. But this time, some experts are worried. In question, gas, of course.

You probably won’t be surprised to know that Adblue is … a German invention. It makes perfect sense, since they were the ones who gradually became experts in the diesel engine, before seeing it collapse in the private car market. But diesel will not necessarily disappear as it is the engine of the economy. Without diesel, there are no agricultural machinery, trucks, or freight transport. However, the truck industry had to adapt a long time ago by adopting this popular additive Adblue, allowing better pollution of exhaust gases. Yes, but now, Adblue may expire in the medium or long term.

No gas, no Adblue

Even more important than diesel, gas is probably the raw material at the top of the priority list for the world we live in. It is he, in particular, who runs factories and especially ovens (which could not run on oil with the same efficiency). He is also involved in the production of many derivatives, including Adblue. At the moment, the first German producer (which produces 40% of Adblue in the Rhine, right), has stopped. The cost of gas no longer allows to produce Adblue. But SKW notes that reserves are full and that there is no risk of shortage yet. What could happen, however, if gas prices remained high for a long time, and the government could no longer subsidize all industries to support them?. There, the entire industrial and commercial sector of Germany will be at risk. And probably our economy with it.

Posted on 09/08/2022 Updated 09/08/2022