Right in the Rives d’Andaine: the baker was driving an Audi TT for 188 km / h, nine months after the driver’s license was suspended.

Right in the Rives d’Andaine: the baker was driving an Audi TT for 188 km / h, nine months after the driver’s license was suspended.

The car, valued at € 100,000, was unused. (© National Gendarmerie.)

Once again he was arrested for speeding, he was driving at a speed of 188 km / h instead of the approved 90 km / h Andaine Bank. His car Audi arrested by this 34-year-old man, a cake baker and baker, was sentenced Wednesday, April 13, 2022 by a criminal court‘Of Argentina, a € 1,000 fine and a nine-month suspension for his driver’s license. Along with his lawyer, they have already announced that they will appeal against this decision.

On January 29, 2022 at 4:30 a.m., soldiers on the outskirts of the city, in the Rives d’andaine area of ​​the so-called “Le Vieil hêtre”, stopped an Audi car whose speed was recently recorded. 188 km / h (ie the remaining speed of 178 km / h) instead of the approved 90 km / h.

The driver was tested for alcohol and drugs, which turned out to be negative. His driver’s license will be officially suspended for nine months, his car will be locked and confiscated.

Recognizable factors

Today, the 34-year-old man, who lives in Briouze, realizes the truth even though he denied it during the trial. “It’s a mistake sir, not nonsense,” the president begins again. ”

Why were you running so fast sir? “. “I was in a straight line, I was speeding up, there was no one.” As his lawyer interrupts the investigation, the president hints that he will have time to defend himself.
“The military found out that you were arrogant,” the president continued. “No, it’s not true, I asked to see the device and I was really a little upset when they told me that my car had gone off.”

He explains that he loves car sports, which he has been driving since he was 30 and fast cars like the Audi RS3 and others. If his criminal record mentions a conviction for assault with a weapon, the FNPC (national driving license file) imposes a number of fines on him for speeding.

In recidivism

The public prosecutor declares that he is holding the target files of the file and remembers that the defendant is in a state of repetition.

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“Today, he will have to accept this great momentum and, above all, correct his behavior on the wheel. Laws are not enacted for the good of others, but for the common good.”

District AttorneyCourt of Argentina

He claims, for repression, a fine of € 1,000, the suspension of his driver’s license for a a period of twelve months and, as a mandatory punishment, nationalization of the seized vehicle.

driver’s license attorney

Defendant chose to be assisted in this hearing by the Advocate Sebastien Dufour of Paris Bar, also called a driving license attorney, by the nature of the website “easy-rad.org” which specializes in online competitions of speed-recognized offenses with high-speed cameras. He demonstrates his prowess by saying that it has been 20 years in which he intervenes only for drivers and systematically in defense.

80% rest

“Instructions on road accidents, I have done a little, and at high speed, I believe I am the only lawyer in France who is most responsible for 80% of the release”.

He claims that speeding is not related to accidents. »Speed ​​does not kill on the road, it is bad, it is a aggravating factors “. According to him, the MP fell on his head traffic tickets make money, almost one billion euros a year. He adds that he competes with more than 30,000 speed bumps per year detected by speed cameras.
If he understands that his client has been driving too fast, he feels compelled to calm down. He urges the court to return “more moderate”. According to him, the wishes are too many and he asks return of the car he was arrested, remembering that his value was € 100,000.


yes court in part will follow the wishes of public prosecutor reducing the suspension of his driver’s license to nine months. The car is still under construction.
Even when the president informs the defendant of the verdict, his lawyer gets up, cuts him off and declares that they were going to appeal against this decision.

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