Review: The 2023 Chevrolet Spin is the most affordable seven-seat option, and a great alternative to SUVs.

Review: The 2023 Chevrolet Spin is the most affordable seven-seat option, and a great alternative to SUVs.

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Chevrolet Spin is an old friend of the Brazilians, since its launch in 2012, when it replaced the Meriva and Zafira. It is based on the Global Small Vehicle (GSV) project, which it also spawned cobalt and Onix (now called Happiness), has changed over the years.

One of the main updates occurred in the design and the minivan offers a length of 4,360 m and 2,620 m of wheelbase, which promotes good amplitude and accommodation.

And that’s one of the biggest wins of the Chevrolet Spin, being the most affordable seven-seater option on our market. Prices start at BRL 102,790 (LS configuration) and go up to BRL 124,290 in the evaluated Premier version – Activation adventurous and Activities7 cost BRL 121,990 and BRL 121,760, respectively.

Still talking about your bag, the Jeep Commander Limited T270 portion of R$ 231,490 when Caoa Chery Tiggo 8 cost from R$201,990.

Chevrolet Spin 2023
One of the new features of the 2023 Chevrolet Spin lineup is in the seven-seat LT configuration, as well as the return of the five-seat mid-size LTZ (Image: Description)

Although cars Jeep and gives Caoa Chery it is bigger and more modern compared to ChevyThe Spin Premier fits the profile of consumers, who need a lot of space and utility or can’t/don’t want to pay a lot of money for a seven-seater.

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As usual, the Chevrolet Spin Premier offers automatic headlights, air conditioning, hill start assist, reversing camera, electronic controls, cruise control/limiter, isofix for attaching child seats, fog lights, 7” multimedia with Android Auto /Apple CarPlay. and USB port, concierge service OnStarrear parking/rain sensor, three electric people, multifunction steering wheel, to name a few.

Chevrolet Spin 2023
The 2023 Chevrolet Spin Premier cabin changed the seat cover / door panels from brown to a combination of black and dark blue (Photo: Disclosure)

The interior boasts a large area of ​​glass that combines front and rear visibility. However, the design of the cabin shows signs of the times when getting in / out of the second row is facilitated by a good opening angle of the doors. ready to reach The last row is not difficult. And in the past, only young adults or children travel.

Image: Disclosure

Another feature of the minivan is the volumetric capacity of the trunk, which takes 553 liters with five seats, 162 liters (seven occupants) or 1,608 liters after folding the rear seats.

Photo: Roberto Assuncao
SPE/4 engine

Like the Chevrolet Spin, the 1.8 SPE/4 four-cylinder engine is also familiar to Brazilian consumers. It does not use direct injection, a small amount of turbocharger, but it offers a simple construction associated with maintenance without headaches.

Working in conjunction with a six-speed automatic transmission, up to 111 horsepower and 174 Nm (17.7 kgfm) of torque appear when fueled with ethanol.

On the wheel, performance is accompanied by suggestion, and continuous response – when six-speed automatic transmission (GF6 nomenclature, also applies to Onyx/Onyx Plus, cross midnight and it is not Chevrolet Tracker 1.0 and 1.2, for example) changes briefly and makes good transitions. In fact, a series change is made by an impossible button on the side of the gear selector lever.

On the other hand, the electrically assisted steering is light when driving at low speed or in manoeuvres/beacons in the same way that the suspension still favors comfort due to soft calibration. The 16″ alloy wheels are fitted with 205/60 size tyres.

The Chevrolet Spin may be overdue for a change in the overall context, but it’s a (good) alternative for those who want more utility/indoor capability.


Base price: BRL 102,790 (LS version)
Rated car: BRL 124,290

Chevrolet Spin Premier
Engine: inline four cylinder 1.8, 8V, single camshaft
Transfer: 1796 cm³
Fuel: flex
Power: 106 hp (g) and 111 hp at 5,200 rpm (e)
Torque: 165 Nm (g) and 174 Nm at 2,600 rpm (e)
Exchange: automatic series, nine gears
Direction: electricity
Suspension: MacPherson (d) and torsion axis


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