Review Jeep Compass 2022 |  The SUV shows why it easily leads the market

Review Jeep Compass 2022 | The SUV shows why it easily leads the market

Launched in 2016, the second generation Jeep Compass is a huge success in Brazil. Following what the Jeep Renegade sibling did, the mid-size SUV is a well-balanced product, equipped with a lot of technology and very competitive, due to the range of offers and prices.

In 2021, Stellantis made a major update on the model and gave the Jeep Compass what it needed to continue to lead without being too bothered by the Volkswagen Taos and Toyota Corolla Cross: a new engine, an improvement to the finish and an increase in the technology package.

Even without being perfect, Jeep’s mid-size SUV has enough qualities to continue to lead the market for a long time, even with well-thought-out rivals and even with some advantages in direct comparison.

Jeep Compass 2022 Limited (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)


  • turboflex engine
  • technology package
  • stylish finish
  • timeless design
  • Good number of offers and prices


  • Internal space below opponents
  • The trunk can be larger
  • Use less opponents

Connectivity and security

The 2022 Jeep Compass is the perfect mid-size SUV in terms of technology and safety. The car brings the best in the segment when we think of driving assistants and infotainment, as well as being the only car to have 4G internet on board.

To begin with, we must highlight the excellent 10.25-inch uConnect media center, with high quality, intuitive interface and high-speed commands. In addition, there is a native TomTom GPS with real-time updates and a sound system signed by Beats, which is a show in itself.

UConnect is one of the best multimedia centers on the market (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

All this is completed by the excellent 4G network provided by TIM, which saves mobile data when we connect Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Mirroring in Compass is wireless.

In terms of safety and driver assistance, the Jeep Compass 2022 also stands out, especially in the Limited and S versions. Both are equipped with the following:

  • adaptive autopilot
  • Forward collision alert
  • Autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • blind spot sensor
  • Notification of departure for a route with ongoing modifications
  • Traffic alert on maneuvers
  • Store support for goal support and shopping opportunities
  • traffic sign reader
  • fatigue sensor

In addition, there is also the Adventure Intelligence package, which provides the driver with various functions and services via the mobile phone, such as starting the engine, climate control, setting speed limits, valet status, notebook and real-time vehicle monitoring . with 24-hour concierge service.

The Compass sound system in its top versions is signed by Beats (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

Six airbags, stability controls and controls, automatic hold function, electronic parking brake, electronic interior mirror, torque vectoring, hill start assist, ISOFIX system, automatic post-collision braking and electronic brake.

Comfort and user experience

Where the Jeep Compass has improved the most is in performance and user experience. This was possible thanks to the new engine of the Stellantis group, 1.3 GSE Turbo, which offers 185hp and 27.5 kgf/m of torque on ethanol. With this engine, the SUV becomes very fast and very pleasant to drive.

The powertrain is always connected to a six-speed automatic transmission, which has invisible changes and helps in the performance of the car. In terms of consumption, on the other hand, even without being very economical, the number is higher than the old model with the 2.0 engine, giving 6.5 km / l in the city and 10 km / l on the highway with ethanol.

The name T270 indicates the torque of the Compass in newton meters (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

The suspension, independent of all four wheels, was modified to favor comfort and not a more powerful drive. However, the Compass is very pleasant to drive and offers very little impact on the cabin caused by our bumpy streets.

The feeling of comfort is enhanced by a good interior space, worthy of a mid-size SUV. There is 2.63 m of wheelbase and, although it has smaller dimensions compared to direct rivals, it is not bad and accommodates four adults and a child comfortably.

In general, the Compass kept the recipe for the success of the previous version and became even better with a turbo engine, which gave the car more convenience and fun. 0 to 100 km/h was done in just 9.2 seconds in our tests, always with “Sport” mode on. In the city, the anger and “rough” performance of the 2.0 is in the past and, on the road, we rely on more power to overturn and a smooth and fearless ride.

The interior of Dira is very good, but it could be better (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

The comfort items of Jeep Compass 2022 bring evening sensor, rain sensor, digital climate with two zones, folding of electric windows, electric adjustment of front seats, electric opening of the trunk and presence sensor, set complete with optical LED, induction phone charging and panoramic sunroof.

And the diesel version?

The 2022 Jeep Compass Trailhawk maintains the valences of the previous version, such as the large 2.0 turbodiesel engine with 170 hp and 35.8 kgf/m of torque, added to the technology and comfort of the convertible version. Its difference, however, is to have more power at low revs and a greater aptitude for off-road.

“The Jeep Compass has been greatly improved with the new 1.3 turbo engine. It was very easy to drive!”

– Felipe Ribeiro

Design and finish

Part of the success of the 2022 Jeep Compass is due to the design. It’s a great car that brings the versatility of a true Jeep SUV, even without the off-road appeal of the Renegade, and puts it closer to the Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Compass S is the smoothest and most stable (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

In the 2022 version, the changes were very subtle and all at the front, with a new set of eyes, now in LED, and a large taper of the front grille, which made the car more aggressive.

Inside, the panel, which was already well finished, became more elegant and with a more sophisticated look, thanks to the use of sensitive touch materials and chrome details that give it a modern style. The center console has also been redesigned and is now more useful, with a larger offer of cup holders.

In the Limited edition, the Jeep Compass can be configured in other colors inside (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)


Direct competitors of Jeep Compass are VW Taos and Toyota Corolla Cross, but other models can be included in this list. This is the case, for example, of cars such as Caoa Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, Peugeot 3008, Ford Territory and Ford Bronco. Prices range from R$160,000 to R270,000.

Jeep Compass 2022: Is it worth it?

Jeep Compass 2022 is one of the most balanced and complete cars in Brazil – not only among average SUVs. With a good size, a powerful engine, a lot of technology, a refined finish and an attractive design, it has everything to continue to dominate its segment.

Jeep Compass 2022 can be found throughout Brazil with prices ranging from R$162,000 to R$234,000.

For Canaltech, the The 2022 Jeep Compass, in its Limited, S and Trailhawk versions, was evaluated from units provided by the Stellantis group.