Retromobile 2022: Citroën pays homage to its famous tourists, celebrates the 40th anniversary of BX and the My Ami Buggy Concept exhibition

Retromobile 2022: Citroën pays homage to its famous tourists, celebrates the 40th anniversary of BX and the My Ami Buggy Concept exhibition

Citroën invites guests to come and discover its magnificent collection on its platform at the Retromobile Exhibition, a meeting place for old car lovers, history lovers and the automotive industry, (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles) at the 7.3 venue from Wednesday 16 to Sunday . March 20.

C5X successor to the long line of Citroën tourists

The C5 X appears to the public for the first time. Eligible successor to the Marque main tourists, updates the section numbers with the avant-garde line, sedan design, station car and SUV. With Citroëns’ pure bold and innovative custom, the C5 X invites you to travel quietly in a booth suited to the lounge area and comfortably remodeled with its suspension of Citroën Advanced Comfort, the world’s first. The C5 X has state-of-the-art technology for well-being and safety such as Extended Lifting Display, minimal drive and voice recognition.

AMI Buggy My CONCEPT theme of modern times

By highlighting the concept of My AMI My Buggy in this background context, Citroën demonstrates its vision of a modern object that is misguided by all freedom fighters who can, during travel, consider themselves as travelers on roads or beaches. . The theme of the modern era, the My AMI Buggy Concept is adorned with many stylish accessories and accessories to emphasize its personality as a traveler in the passenger compartment without its doors.

BX blows its 40 candles

Presented under the Eiffel Tower on September 23, 1982, BX put spirit symbols on display such as its style and its avant-garde. A few days later, on September 30, 1982, the 69th Paris Car Exhibition, Porte de Versailles, opened its doors and introduced BX as one of the show’s undisputed stars. A real commercial success, BX, manufactured in the Rennes La Janais factories in Brittany and Vigo in Spain, sold more than 2.3 million units before seeing a moratorium on its production in June 1994.

To paint the silhouette, Citroën turned to the famous Italian builder Bertone. Designer Marcello Gandini then proposed an original but unequal line cut, which appeared in the motors of the cars of the time and which would show BX. With a rear gate, the BX is a 4.23 m long hatchback that can accommodate 5 passengers traveling comfortably, enclosed with hydropneumatic suspension and regular trim. The CX-powered dashboard includes behavioral devices such as satellites on each side of the steering wheel or rear-wheel drive rear. And powerful engines as soon as it was released (62 hp and 72 hp 1360 cm390 hp 1580 cm3), BX is amazing with its changes. Innovative in the use of mixed materials for parts such as bumpers, tailgate, caps, quarter panels, BX displays with a blank weight of only 885 kg.

12 years of BX sales will be marked by a wide range of physical activity changes (real estate version, major overhaul, company version), equipment (solar roof, air conditioning, digital equipment) and mechanics (power up to 160 hp , electronic injection., automatic gearbox, permanent transmission of wheels 4). A small series of 200 copies of the civic version of the BX 4 TC group B competition (2141 cm3200 hp, 220 km / h) will even be delivered.

A major overhaul was made in 1987. BX played a smooth outdoor line with a brand new dashboard.

BX’s work will also be highlighted with a few more versions (Tonic, Photo, Calanque, Leader, etc.), including the popular Digit with a completely digital phone.

With a rich and successful life, BX left its mark on Citroën history. It usually finds its place in the hearts of collectors who will not fail to celebrate the 40th anniversary with enthusiasm.


To support the C5 X, Citroën offers, with the help of Citroën collector clubs, a redesign of logo designs that has been a major milestone in the history of Marque’s tourist vehicles. Between culture, knowledge and innovation, on the way to the 1930s journey to the present day …

Rosalie 10: Shown at the Paris Vehicle Exhibition in 1932, Rosalie, available in three baptized models hp 8, 10 hp with 4 cylinder engine and 15 hp with 6 cylinder engine, will be delivered to different body types and produced in 162,468 units. until 1941.

Front tension 15/6: Sold for 23 years, from 1934 to 1957, no less than 758,948 copies of Traction, available as a 4-door sedan, coupé or switch, were placed on the street. A story car that marked the history of France during World War II, Traction was a technological revolution: the first mass-produced car with a front-wheel drive, independent front suspension, hydropneumatic suspension on the rear wheels for 15/6 H in. 1954, hydraulic braking, monocoque body, … providing a roadmap that makes many of his peers jealous. Traction will be nicknamed the “queen of the road”.

CX 2000 Pallas: CX covers the peak of the Citroën column from 1974 to 1991. It will be released in 1,042,460 copies. Demonstrating its commercial success, the CX was chosen as the car of 1975. The 4th door despite its hatchback silhouette, the CX is a true Citroën collection: hydropneumatic suspension, 4 disc brakes and front wheel drive. The CX will leave a permanent appearance with a single-blade glass wiper, its rear window, its lunule dashboard and its expanded “Prestige” version.

Alongside My AMI Buggy, Citroën collector cars remind us that courage, creativity and technology have always been the hallmarks of sights.

2CV Sahara: How not to dream of adventures in front of one of 694 copies of 2 CV 4 × 4 Sahara. Simple, stable, one engine in front and one engine in the back, raised, spare wheel on the hood, … that’s what you need to cross the desert.

Mehari United States: And yes, the famous Méhari has reached the Atlantic. In 1970 and 1971 a thousand copies landed in the United States. Considered by local standards, the Méhari United States will distinguish itself mainly from its French cousins ​​by its extravagant circular lights. The best entertainment car for Florida, Méhari was just a success there.

While waiting for Rétromobile, more logo designs in Brand history can be found on the Citroën Origins website: (actual museum of 79 cars, available in 65 countries).