resumption of vehicle assembly activity on this date

resumption of vehicle assembly activity on this date

Cars – From now on, the Renault Algeria car factory is resuming its activities, and it specifically announces the resumption of car assembly, which will take place soon. Dzair Daily tells you more, following its edition of September 9, 2022.

After a long period of shutdown, the Renault Algeria plant has announced the resumption of its car assembly activities. Indeed, the aforementioned French brand is showing a comeback soon. This is the daily report Algeria Eco. To find out the recovery date, it’s easy! Just read this entire article.

It is true that citizens are worried about the environment that the car market is going through. Therefore, we will inform you about the resumption of assembly in Renault Algeria, revealing to you exactly the date of the resumption. It is not without knowing that since the 1st of this month of September, Renault Algeria has launched the necessary procedures to start again.

In detail, this includes the launch of customs procedures regarding SKD / CKD equipment. The last of which is actually blocked at the port of Arzew for a while. For that reason, the Ministry of Industry has decided to remove the restriction of freezing 5,000 imported cars. This is, at least the news reported yesterday by an Arabic-speaking daily newspaper, El Khabar, quoted by that source.

Renault Algeria: here is the start date of the car assembly

It should be noted that the Renault Algeria factory intends to resume its activities and will continue with the assembly of the equipment mentioned above. This return is scheduled from October 5, according to the source. These cars will come from the Renault factory, located in Oued Tlélat in Oran, Algeria.

In addition, the company financed the customs clearance of containers and also exempted itself from taxes. Due to the global conflict and the growing demand for containers, additional costs are affecting the vehicles. These are containers that contain about 4,000 devices to replace the damaged ones.