Residents of Ile-de-France change location to pay less

Residents of Ile-de-France change location to pay less

When the price of fuel has dropped significantly with the discount, some drivers want to spend even less at the pump.

It’s been a few days now that drivers can finally take advantage of the 30 cent discount on fuel. The move is obviously eagerly awaited, while the price of petrol and diesel has risen sharply in recent months, sometimes easily exceeding two euro marks. A situation that is unacceptable for many drivers, whether professional or personal. So much so that some have had to cancel their vacations or reduce their daily trips. So it is not surprising that the service centers have been raided for a few days, when the price has dropped significantly due to the government discount.

Change of region

But some drivers, who live mainly in Ile-de-France you want to achieve greater savings. As revealed by our colleagues from BFM TV, some do not hesitate to travel a few extra kilometers, to go to a neighboring region to benefit from better prices. A trend recognized by some bankers, especially in Eure-et-Loire. Many Parisians then go there to save a few extra cents. In fact there can be as little as twenty cents difference, which certainly has a big impact on the overall price of the tank.

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temporary help

As a reminder, this small increase from the government was put in place on September 1 and will be officially extended until October 31. After this date, the discount will be reduced to 10 cents, before disappearing at the end of the year. One thing for that Total Energy, currently showing at 20 cents and which will also drop to 10 cents in a few weeks. At the same time, service stations are invaded by drivers.

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