Rental cracker: Drive an SUV for less than 75 euros per month

Rental cracker: Drive an SUV for less than 75 euros per month

Are you looking for a cheap SUV? Then the Citroën C5 Aircross could be the right car for you! For the model year 2022, the French have released an 4.50-meter-long SUV upgrade, which can be seen primarily in the new front.
The C5 Aircross engine also includes a diesel and gasoline engine, each with 131 hp and a 224 hp hybrid, whose 13.2 kWh battery enables 60 km of electrically operated only according to WLTP.
In the basic version of the PureTech 130 “Feel Pack”, the C5 Aircross currently starts at 32,550 euros. The stylish SUV is currently available for rent for a fraction of this amount as a monthly rate!

Rent Citroen C5 Aircross from 75 euros per month

At (AUTO BILD partnership partner), commercial customers can now rent a Citroën C5 Aircross with a 131 hp gasoline engine at an affordable cost of 74.79 euros at no initial charge, which corresponds to a very good rental feature of 0.27.

This is a temporary lease, because the contract is terminated for only twelve months. The C5 Aircross can also be rented for 24 months (net euros 136.53) or 48 months (net euros 179.83) – but then it becomes more expensive!

Free miles are given about 10,000 miles. Here, too, is likely to add up. If you want to drive more, you must pay 138.43 euros per month for 20,000 miles; and for a distance of 30,000 kilometers, the rate is almost three times the net for a net of 202.06 euros. (maintenance costs count? By comparing car insurance!)

Renting a C5 Aircross per year costs more than 1700 euros

Regardless of the term of the contract and the selected kilometer package, there is a one-time payment totaling EUR 839.50 (total EUR 999) per transfer. In the best case scenario, this results in a total rental cost of EUR 1736.98 (EUR 74.79 twelve times plus EUR 839.50).

At the moment you can’t drive an SUV at a much cheaper price. Especially since Citroën C5 Aircross earned points in AUTO BILD purchasing advice not only for the right amount of space, but also for the convincing choice of materials in the interior.
The equipment is also impressive. Known features include 18-inch rims, digital instrument clusters, departure warning system, parking support including rear view camera, automatic climate control, LED lights and sign recognition for traffic.

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