Rent for a total of only 289 euros per month

Rent for a total of only 289 euros per month

A large whole package was discovered at LeasingMarkt! There you can find Ford Kuga 2.5 Duratec PHEV Cool & Connect for a total of 289 euros per month including maintenance and wear, TÜV, car registration and door-to-door transportation.

You can also freely configure Ford Kuga according to your needs. Cool & Connect equipment line includes Ford SYNC 3 navigation system, DAB radio, heated sports seats with integrated front and rear parking support.

The plugin hybrid qualifies to receive a BAFA environmental payment of a total of EUR 4,500, which you must pay in advance. If you calculate these special payments over time, you will receive a standard rental rate of 382.75 euros per month. Once a Ford Kuga car is registered and an environmental bonus is requested from BAFA, you will receive a refund from the government.

Ford Kuga is powered by two engines. There is a 2.5-liter R4 petrol engine with a continuous continuous transmission supported by an electric engine. Collectively, this results in a system output of 224 hp and a drive through the front wheels.

An electric motor draws its power from a 14.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. The electric car covers a distance of up to 64 miles alone before the combustion engine re-enters. With a Ford Kuga you can drive 200 km / h faster. The SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds.

The offer was calculated for a 48-month rental period and a total of 40,000 miles.

Market comparison shows price advantage: Leading dog rents Ford Kuga 2.5 Duratec PHEV Cool & Connect for a monthly price of 414 euros without additional services.

yes Rental benefits is a fixed monthly rental rate including interest and fees for a period of 12 months or three years, for example. In addition, the car is a brand new car equipped with your own ideas and budget. But there is also an annual car rental and a used car rental.

What are the rental costs? As a rule, a personal rental offer is cheaper than a car loan or car rental. Normally, special prepayment fees are required, but there are also rental versions without these prepayments. Editor Daniel Hohmeyer has already addressed the cheap rental model: “Mercedes VIP leasing”.

What should you consider when hiring? After the rental period expires, you return the car to the dealer and get a brand new car. You must make sure that you do not exceed the agreed kilometer, otherwise you will have to pay extra kilometers. As an additional service, some providers even volunteer to take out taxes and insurance (“joint rental”). The concept of inspection and repair costs is also included in other packages.

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