Rent a Ford Kuga plugin hybrid for 289 euros using full service

Rent a Ford Kuga plugin hybrid for 289 euros using full service

Ford Kuga is one of the most popular songs from Cologne. A completely free SUV was created on the basis of Focus, which has been available as a plug-in hybrid since 2020. The four-liter 2.5-liter cylinder is powered by an electric motor and, with a 14.4 kWh battery, makes Kuga a temporary electric car. More than 60 kilometers have full electricity, which also gives Ford the right to receive innovation and environmental bonuses. Rhinelanders refer to system output as 225 hp, while maximum torque is 200 Nm. Ford Kuga base is available as a plug-in mixer from 38,850 euros, Kuga offered starts at 43,500 euros. If you do not want to spend a lot of money right away, you should look at Kuga in the lease. At (AUTO BILD partnership partner), the SUV is currently available in an impressive state of complete customer service.

The Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid is available in the “Cool & Connect” hardware line at an output of EUR289 per month. In addition to the standard rental rate, the program also includes registration, maintenance and inspection, TÜV and front door delivery.
Along with this offer, too, a special one-time payment of a total of 4500 euros is claimed, which the tenant must pay as early payment. However, if the environmental bonus application is submitted to the Federal Bureau of Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) accurately and in a timely manner, the amount will be fully refunded. The only conditions for full repayment are the minimum contract period of 24 months. (Calculating maintenance costs? To compare car insurance!)

Lease agreement for 48 months

But that should not be a problem for the Cologne car offered, as Kuga’s contract period is 48 months. The annual mileage is 10,000 kilometers, the maximum mileage is possible for an additional charge. A one-off fee of 1199 euros will also be charged for transfer costs. With the exception of the environmental bonus, the total cost over 48 months is 15,071 euros (48 euros x 289 + 119 euros). Hardware attractions include the Navi Ford Sync 3, DAB +, leather steering wheel, cruise control, departure warning and parking support. However, since this is an import vehicle, other options may also be ordered for an additional charge. Due to high demand, the offer may no longer be available for short notice, according to A summary of all the interesting lease deals can be found here!

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