Rent a compact Renault Clio from 114.99 euros per month

Rent a compact Renault Clio from 114.99 euros per month

The Renault Clio is currently in its 5th generation. Thanks to its controllable height of 4.05 meters, the modern Clio is suitable for the city. When it comes to engines, Renault relies on gasoline engines, but since 2020 small cars have also become available as a hybrid variant called “E-Tech”.
If you are looking for an affordable city car, you will probably not go for a hybrid model, but rather a clean base of combustion engine. The three-cylinder Sce 65 petrol engine is available in low-cost “Equilibre” equipment from 17,800 euros. Rental is cheaper from current versions – Renault Clio is currently available from 114.99 euros per month.

Rental Renault Clio from 114.99 euros per month

At (AUTO BILD partnership partner), private and business customers can rent a 65 hp Renault Clio Sce 65 in the basic version of “Equilibre” from a total of EUR 114.99 per month. For commercial customers, prices start at EUR 96.63 net. A one-time payment is not required for this offer.

Since the Renault array is designed to import cars, the Clio can still be cleaned according to your own preferences. Of course, additional equipment also affects the monthly rate. To get Clio for the most affordable monthly total of 114.99 euros, the Frenchman must be rented for 60 months, including 50,000 kilometers at this time.

If these criteria do not apply, you can adjust the mileage and rental period. However, you must dedicate yourself to Clio for at least two years. (maintenance costs count? By comparing car insurance!)

A small car that works with good basic equipment

The Renault Clio offered in comes in the basic version “Equilibre” and is therefore not for fans of luxury cars. However, the basic equipment of a city car is impressive. In the basic version, Clio has an emergency brake assistant, air conditioner, cruise control, 7-inch touch screen for smartphone integration and LED rear lights.

Economy is also a daily routine under a hat. The three-liter Sce 65 cylinder delivers Newton’s 96-meter high torque and distributes its power to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. Clio manages the race up to 100 miles per hour in a tough 17.1 second. For use in the city, however, this does not make sense.

Five years Renault Clio car for 7698 euros

Of course, the total rental costs depend on the time selected and the free miles per year. In the cheaper version offered by, the total cost for individual customers including transfer costs is a total of 7698.40 euros (114.99 euros 60 months plus 799 euros) – provided you would like to run Clio for five years.

Commercial customers are more likely to choose to rent for two years. With regard to 15,000 free miles per year, business customers come with a total rental cost of 4147.35 euros (144.83 euros 24 months plus 671.43 euros). Delivery time is currently offered for about five months. According to, the offer may no longer be available for short notice due to high demand. A summary of all the interesting lease deals can be found here!

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