Renault Kwid E-Tech, Dacia electric car arrives in America with good news

Renault Kwid E-Tech, Dacia electric car arrives in America with good news

The 100% electric variant of Renault Kwid is a reality in Brazil. The new Renault Kwid E-Tech has been introduced at the scene. A structure that will seek to emulate in MERCOSUR the success that Dacia Spring has been experiencing in the competitive European market. A new electronic kwid is already on sale.

The commercial success that Dacia Spring reaps in Europe has been a key catalyst for the Renault Group to decide to bring this electric car formula to the Americas. Brought to Brazil Renault Kwid E-Tech new. A small 100% electric SUV explodes at the scene with the aim of gaining the original market of electric vehicles in MERCOSUR.

The Renault Kwid electric variant It boasts an external structure, common materials and, above all, solvent performance. All this considering that we are dealing with a car that is involved in part A.

The new Renault Kwid E-Tech is already on sale in Brazil

Design of the new Renault Kwid E-Tech

Renault has taken over as the starting point for the recently updated Kwid which is being sold in MERCOSUR to bring life to this complete electronic model. The E-Tech or electronic variant has distinctive features. Other design features that are concentrated in the front. The grill is new and closed almost completely because of the low cooling requirements.

under the banner of Renault, which remains in the same position, is a battery rechargeable socket. The new grille is connected to LED lights aimed at daytime running and the headlights remain divided. In the background, the change is minimal, with the bumper becoming the most prominent feature.

Side view brings out The essence of the Kwid E-Tech SUV. It has some roofs that blend well with plastic plates that protect the lower part of the body. We must also add some 14-inch steel wheels and hubcaps.

The new Renault Kwid E-Tech is following in the footsteps of Dacia Spring

Dimensions of the new Renault Kwid E-Tech

Interior and accessories Renault Kwid E-Tech

Leaving outside, entering inside Interior Kwid E-Tech new We’ll find a natural setting that will quickly remind us of Dacia’s electronics. Now, it is important to note that there are also some distinguishing features, especially those that help to emphasize the Renault model.

The “nervous center” of the passenger compartment is a 7-inch touch screen. An important part of managing Media Transformation Information System which is used by Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, it includes a tool panel and LED indicators.

Renault Kwid E-Tech - interior
Interior of the new Renault Kwid E-Tech

Renault has chosen to offer a great gift. Among the most common devices we have a wide range of airbags (front, side and curtain), LED daytime running lights, ABS and ESP, hill starting assistant, tire pressure sensor, rear parking sensors , rear view, weather, electric and central windows. fasting.

Freedom of the new Renault Kwid E-Tech

Let’s get into the important and basic part. How is the Kwid E-Tech propulsion system? Is it the same as Dacia’s example? In the Renault small intestine of electricity is a 26.8 kWh battery. A battery whose main purpose is none other than turning on the engine 48 kW (65 hp) and 113 Nm maximum torque. It has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 14.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 130 km / h. The the independence of Kwid E-Tech reaches 265 kilometers. The number increases to 298 kilometers if it is to attend the urban driving cycle only.

The technical paper of the new Renault Kwid E-Tech

Renault Kwid E-Tech - back
The independence of the Renault Kwid E-Tech exceeds 250 kilometers

Depending on the length of the charge, they will vary logically depending on the electrical system used. Using a 30 kW DC fast charging component, the charging process from 15 to 80% can be completed in just 40 minutes. With a wall charge of 7.4 kW, the required time increases to 2 hours and 54 minutes.

Release Date and prices of the new Renault Kwid E-Tech

When will it hit the market? The landing of the new Kwid E-Tech in Brazilian retailers is imminent. The reservation book has already been opened. In order to formalize the reservation of the unit it is necessary to place a deposit of approximately € 188 according to the current exchange rate. As for the price, it starts from about € 26,870. Again we find a big difference in the relationship with Dacia Spring.


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