Renault and Honda j have overseas competitors for the future Citron 7-seater in Brazil.

Renault and Honda j have overseas competitors for the future Citron 7-seater in Brazil.

Last week, a very interesting video was exposed in India and expect a very important novel also for the Brazilian market. In this case, it is the future sister of the Citroën C3 7-seater SUV that will also be produced in Porto Real (RJ) along with a small hatchback.

The novel will have an interesting proposition and will take action in a long-forgotten category in the country: 7-seater cars with a more affordable price.

Until the last decade, large families or people who needed more spacious cars had options such as the Nissan Grand Livina and the Chevrolet Spin itself, the only representative of the class to date.

Nowadays, however, 7-seater passenger cars with national production have become increasingly scarce. Those who want a model with this recommendation, have alternatives such as the CAOA Chery Tiggo 8 and the Jeep Commander, but they all operate at higher price points.

And it is in view of this small niche discovered these days that the 7-seater SUV sister of Citroën C3 should take action.

It is interesting, however, to note that Honda and Renault already offer very attractive products abroad with characteristics similar to those used by Citroën to guide the project of its future national SUV.


In the case of Renault, the model in question is Tribereleased in India in 2019.

The Renault Triber is part of the same family as the Kwid, so it has the same low-cost design that leads the compacts.

With a length of 3.99 m, a width of 1.73 m, a height of 1.66 m and a wheelbase of 2.63 m, the Triber can provide space for 7 passengers or provides a trunk with an optimal load of 625 liters. while the third row of seats does not need to be used.

It is a fact that, due to the average height of the Renault Triber, the 6th and 7th seats for small passengersas children, and adults will not find a very hospitable place there.

However, the model still has a high ground clearance (18 cm) and a crossover style, which may appeal to those who are fans of SUVs, but need a more convenient vehicle.

In its home market, the Renault Triber has a 1.0 turbo with the expected options and can receive a manual or automatic transmission.

Unfortunately, so far, there is no sign from Renault of the possibility of nationalizing the Triber. The strongest point about the activities of the French-Brazilian brand is the development of the HJF project, which will be a short crossover with 5 seats scheduled to start in the country in 2024.


Turning to the Japanese manufacturer, Honda has an interesting answer in the Asian market to the domestic demand for affordable 7-seaters.

we are talking about BR-Vwhose latest generation was launched a year ago in Indonesia.

The Honda BR-V shares the same platform with the City range, offering a bigger and more spacious cabin compared to the Renault Triber, as well as a higher trim level.

The Asian BR-V has the same 1.5 16V engine under the hood mated to a CVT automatic transmission offered by the national City.

As with the Renault Triber, unfortunately we do not have any signs from Honda for the final BR-V production location in our country, but it is a fact that the platform is shared between the SUV and the City range. can be a good facilitator. , if Honda considers that possibility.

However, although, at first, Citroën’s future 7-seater SUV will not have a direct competitor here soon, it is certainly worth keeping a close eye on the paths of the Renault Triber and the Honda BR-V.

Honda BR-V 2022

Honda BR-V 2022

The Triber MPV (above) can mark the design elements of the in

The Triber MPV (above) could hint at the design elements of an unnamed SUV

On the Indian Renault Triber

On the Indian Renault Triber