Renault 5 Diamant, an electric Show-Car designed by Pierre Gonalons for the 50th anniversary of the model.

Renault 5 Diamant, an electric Show-Car designed by Pierre Gonalons for the 50th anniversary of the model.

Renault has partnered with French architect Pierre Gonalons to redesign this unique model. The result of this co-creation is the Renault 5 Diamond, an unprecedented electric car that was born out of a combination of the interior world and that of the car.

The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the brand icons, Renault 5. A true symbol of pop culture, Renault 5 sold over 5 million units in many countries between 1972 and 1984.

Renault therefore offers many appointments and initiatives, and events, events and activities on social networks.


Today is a new partnership between Renault and French architect Pierre Gonalons that brings news. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this famous model, Renault has decided to team up with a great designer who is recognized as one of the 100 best designers with the publication Architectural Digest and a representative of French art.

The product of the discussion between Pierre Gonalons and the Renault Color and Material Design team is the Renault 5 Diamant display car. An electric car that reflects the vision of the future car designer, by combining car codes with that of interior decoration.

“I am pleased with Renault’s invitation to re-create the mythical R5 at the 50th anniversary celebrations. The brand gave me a carte blanche to design my dream car. » confirmed Pierre Gonalons, “In my eyes, the R5 embodies a pop, hopeful, and modern life. With the Renault 5 Diamond I wanted to pay tribute to its revolutionary design while translating my world of shapes and colors into the automotive world.”


The inspiration for Pierre Gonalons came from decorative art and especially from high jewelry, which can be found in precious and creative details.

The Renault 5 Diamant retains the distinctive lines and characteristic structure of the original “Supercar” that originated from the Renault production line in 1972, but under this well-known silhouette major changes have taken place. Under the hood, the car is equipped with 100% electrical equipment, the first element to mark its modernity. Visually, its design introduces high-quality information that invites you to discover this unique and enhanced combination.

François Farion, Director of Paint and Materials at Renault, stressed: “The world of creativity and personality of Pierre Gonalons and its collaborators is part of the flag of French artisans, delivering innovative results and elaborating. stupid and sophisticated, with deep attention brought. and Pierre, very sensitive to references and meanings of each element. »

Externally, the body function is coordinated to better emphasize the Renault 5 behavioral lines and the common attachments are deliberately removed from their environment and enhanced in shape and finish. The front and rear lights are shaped like gemstones with wide wheels, inherited from the Alpine version, smoothed and trimmed in the center of the sun by Pierre Gonalons. The outer color has a three-coat color, made of gold at the base of the rose. It is covered with a retained varnish, which gives a very flexible effect with golden reflections on the sun, and a shade of blue on the shades.

Inside, cleanliness reigns. With the combined expertise of Renault Architecture and the technicians involved in the implementation of the project, Pierre Gonalons was able to simplify the car by placing only special features. The door handles and window controls as well as the gear elbow are made of cut-out sphere, which is considered a Parisian reference in copper-plated copper, stainless steel and durable material. The steering wheel, which has a specific shape and is still in operation, is made of marble in carbon, and even the car key is subjected to special treatment. While relying on Renault expertise to provide complete reliability and flawless authenticity of vehicles, and without affecting the use of performance features.

Renault 5 Diamant also brings technology. First of all, it is 100% electric, and includes a fingerprint reader that opens the doors. The electric car, Renault 5 Diamant provides a gear lever with three consecutive positions (front, side and rear). The three-dimensional digital countertops that commemorate the manufacture of watches display important information: speed, load and time. With regard to navigation and infotainment, everything can be easily delivered with the smart phone of the owner that finds its place in a special place in the middle of the dashboard.


The Renault 5 Diamant, with great care, is made from the finest materials provided by the craftsmen with recognizable and unique skills, followed by flawless implementation. The exhibition vehicle benefited from the experience of Design et Solution, a company specializing in the manufacture of unique vehicles, responsible for the development, assembly and final design of the exhibition vehicle.

In addition, several technicians working daily with Pierre Gonalons participated in the project to bring their expertise. In detail, the steering wheel and storage component are made of marble processed by Mining Specialists, using the French marble, “Grand Antique d’Aubert”, worked in a tubular way, which makes it lighter and easier. For the seat cloth, it is supplied by clothingmaker Métaphores, while the dashboard fabric that sets the dashboard is made by the century-old company Le Crin, a craftsman who is the master of weaving a guide for horse hair. Mohair cotton floor mat is made by Pinton, one of the last designers of French art galleries, historically Aubusson. Finally, the manufacture of car ornaments, such as the monogram on the bonnet, is done by the Bertin-Aubert workshop in Paris, which is known for its skill and precision in its production.


After gathering the community of lovers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, and after recently launching its official TikTok and Pinterest pages, Renault has decided to enter the world of NFTs.

So, as part of this project, Renault and Pierre Gonalons will also create a multi-NFT collection inspired by Renault 5 Diamant, which will be launched in September.

The Renault 5 Diamant will also be auctioned off a few weeks later by its “digital twin” NFT. Following the sale, the proceeds will be given to Give Me 5, a new brand social responsibility project delivered to younger generations through sports and music.