Registration for the Maringa City Hall competition closes this Friday

Registration for the Maringa City Hall competition closes this Friday

Registration for the public competition of the Maringá City Hall, carried out through the Secretariat of People’s Management (Segep), closes this Friday, 9.

The call for tenders was opened on 5th August and registration started on 19th of the same month.

Entries can be made until 6pm this Friday, via the website Cebraspethe company responsible for preparing the tender.

Registration fees for the Maringá City Hall competition vary depending on the position. For teacher 20 hoursThe registration fee will be R$ 50. For positions of doctor and a lawyerthe fee amounts to R$ 250 and for another chancethe value is R$200.

Examinations for the positions of professor, lawyer and accountant will be held on October 23. For other groups, it will be on November 6. Every candidate must reach the gate from October 13 to check the place where the exam will be held.

To access and view the three tender notices, click here: the teacher, family health strategist and other titles.

Until this Monday, the 5th, 13,430 registrations had already been made, 3,838 for professors, 227 for doctors and 9,315 for other positions.

See below the positions, positions and salaries related to the public competitions of the Municipality of Maringá:

Municipal Analyst – Accounting 5 jobs BRL 5,495.45.
Municipal Analyst – Law 5 jobs BRL 5,495.45
Architect 3 jobs BRL 5,546.59
Health Inspector 6 jobs BRL 5,546.59
Biomedical 2 jobs BRL 5,495.45
Counter 2 jobs BRL 5,572.13
A nurse 30 jobs BRL 5,495.45
Electrical engineer 1 position BRL 5,546.59
speech therapist 1 position BRL 5,495.45
A geographer 2 jobs BRL 5,495.45
Medical Examiner 3 jobs BRL 6,443.34
gynecologist 10 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Psychiatrist 4 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Pediatrician 10 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Urologist 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Pulmonologist 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
orthopedic doctor 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
an ophthalmologist 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
A gastroenterologist 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Dermatologist 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Senior doctor 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Cardiologist 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
ENT doctor 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Infectious Disease Doctor 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
neurologist 5 jobs BRL 6,443.34
Physician Family Health Strategy/ESF 10 jobs BRL 15,869.93
Nutritionist 4 jobs BRL 5,495.45
A lawyer 2 jobs BRL 5,572.13
Physical Education Specialist 4 jobs BRL 5,495.45
teacher 20 hours 20 jobs BRL 1,976.86
tax inspector 4 jobs BRL 5,572.13