regions with many E85 service stations

regions with many E85 service stations

Service stations offering Superethanol-E85 at the pump are increasing in France. Here are the regions that have the most so far.

In total to date, around 2,900 Superethanol-E85 stations (of which there are 2,887 in France) have been identified across France, while 32% of road stations have them shows the “bioethanol” sector. Since the beginning of 2022, 130 new Superethanol-E85 stations have also been opened in the region.

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On the regional side, the best equipped in France is, in order, Occitanie, which is the best in terms of superethanol supply, (42% of the total), ahead of Hauts-de-France (36%) and Provence-Alpes Côtes d’Azur (36%). Currently sold on average at 0.83 cents per liter (however it can be below the 0.65€/liter mark in many stations, especially those managed by large retailers), E85 remains so without question. property “recovery of purchasing power”for drivers who benefit from it every day, whether they drive gasoline vehicles that are initially compatible with E85, or if they later fail with the installation of an approved kit and be, to do so, benefit, for others, from financial support. from their regions/departments.

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Posted on 08/11/2022 Updated 08/11/2022