Red Bull will achieve its grand goal and major reforms in the Spanish GP

Red Bull will achieve its grand goal and major reforms in the Spanish GP

Despite the fact that Charles Leclerc and Ferrari command both championships in Form 1, Red Bull and Max Verstappen have expressed the feeling of being ahead of them at a clean pace, awaiting updates to deliver a verdict.

Formula 1 in 2022 has come with it all a new generation of single seatswhich has never happened in the first motorsport unit, which teams are forced to adapt.

The initial shortfall available to the participants of the ‘Great Circus’ grid for this was extended due to the COVID-19:17 Grand Prix tragedy of the 2020 season, the World Cup which started on July 5 of those. year, it delayed the new regulations from 2021 to 2022, an extra time that everyone appreciated.

sustainable development

Now more than ever, reform which each group will perform on its one-seat seat will end up determining the balance in each cycle that Formula 1 attends. After each group has unveiled its proposal, based on a code with new and more restrictive lines in certain areas, such as both wings, it comes. time for personal development.

yes 145 million of the dollar established by the 2022 budget limit, rumors suggested that Red Bull spent 75% today, a statement which Helmut Marko recently denied in principle.

“We are in the same terms as Ferrari”, assured the senior man in charge of the energy drinks youth youth program program. “Moving forward, the difference will be to make the most of our package on the track. We look forward to continuing the fierce battle with Ferrari, we are confident that the FIA ​​will manage it.”

Verstappen and Leclerc have fought in almost every GP that took place in 2022.

The only thing for sure is that a race completed by Max Verstappen, a race that won the reigning world champion. Retirees in Bahrain and Australia, all due to technical limitations beyond their control, are the only ones who have prevented them from going further in the tournament.

In fact, the general feeling in pad is that Ferrari did not know how to benefit from the tyranny it showed at the start of the season in a positive way, remaining after the 5 Grand Prix with a small advantage over what it could have been.

Operation bikini

With the arrival of the Spanish GP on the calendar, many teams will present one of major updates in their cars, something they have been doing for a long time.

Everyone knows Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya as the back part of their hands, a song that, with the exception of 2021, has prepared all the matches or at least part of every pre-season held in recent years, which makes it even better. good environment to this end.

What will the news of Red Bull in Barcelona depend on? As confirmed by Mark himself, in weight loss of RB18, a technique that has given its engineers headaches. “In Spain we will start the weekend with a new place,” Mark revealed.

The 2022 single seat seats weigh 46 kg. over the last year, something that has led teams like Williams to automatically remove paint layers from their cars to expose carbon fiber. “By this we can finally achieve our ideal weight. So far we were over a minimum weight of 798 kg”, concluded Marko.

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