Red Bull is close to matching Porsche, but what about Honda?  – System News 1

Red Bull is close to matching Porsche, but what about Honda? – System News 1


Despite the news appearing just 24 hours ago, the formalization of 50% purchase agreement. Red Bull and Porsche technology is close. With a new partnership created for 2026 and just waiting for the same to move forward, Red Bull has another question to solve: what will it do with the current Honda partners in the next few years?

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News about the agreement between Red Bull and Porsche was leaked not as a rumor, but as a fact. Because of international antitrust law, companies need approval from the European Union and 20 other countries to proceed. One of the countries in question, Morocco, mandates that any proposed business of this size must be officially registered. So it happened.

The document even indicated that the 4th of August was chosen to formalize the society, since there is an expectation that FIA hammering out the technical guidelines for the next generation of engines F1 after the meeting of the World Council, scheduled for 2. The entry of Porsche in F1 depends directly on these guidelines, but it is known that Porsche and Audi agree on the way to be taken in the negotiations. Audi is still discussing the possibility of buying Sauber.

Verstappen in 2021 pre-season: Honda loomed large in the car (Image: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool)
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According to the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, the two companies have an idea of ​​how they will work on the development of new engines, which will be valid only from the season of 2026. engines that Red Bull created in its factory, in the English city of Milton Keynes , and Red Bull Powertrains. Porsche, alone, develops and produces the hybrid electric component directly from its domains in the German city of Weissach.

The agreement also foresees cooperation in the construction of chassis for only one team, Red Bull – but not AlphaTauri. There is a possibility that Porsche will also participate in the RB17 engine project, the hypercar announced by Red Bull.

To be clear, two questions follow. One of them, the fastest at the moment, is what to do with Honda. Despite the Japanese factory decided to leave F1 officially at the end of last season, he is still working with Red Bull. The Honda logos came from the Red Bull car and the engine is no longer named after the brand, but remains the same technology. Honda employees work together with Red Bull, but now only as a customer: the team pays – and a lot – to rely on technology.

What is known, however, is that Honda has begun to consider an official return F1 and the rules of 2026 and of course enjoy last year’s world title. Honda’s hopes were to have a new partnership with Red Bull, as the relationship between the brands was very close, but Red Bull itself had reservations because of the sudden departure from last year. Therefore, the agreement with Porsche has always been considered and tends to sideline Honda.

Red Bull Porsche for 2026? (Photo: Jeroen Claus/Instagram)

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According to the German car, Red Bull offered Honda the opportunity to make AlphaTauri an official team, but the Japanese refused as they want to fight at the front of the pack and know that is not the goal of the ‘B’ energy team. .

A strange relationship then? It is worth noting that despite the engine freeze this year and which will continue until 2025, it is normal that some adjustments will be made in time. Porsche will adopt the current course, without bias, in 2026. Even with Porsche owning 50% of Red Bull Technology in the coming months, Red Bull will be driven by Honda engines in the next three years. There is no way out of this. But is Honda ready to give its best effort to a team associated with a rival automaker? Hard to know. Red Bull must resolve the issue to move forward at the risk of being less competitive in the next three years.

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