Red Bull: Ferrari’s future for Verstappen?

Marie Mahé, Media365, published on Friday, September 09, 2022 at 12:40 pm

This Friday, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Max Verstappen, under contract with Red Bull until 2028, did not close the door to a future at Ferrari.

Will we ever see Max Verstappen transition into the Ferrari Formula 1 team? Still, the Dutchman has not yet closed the door on this possibility. The information given about this, in the case of Monza, alongside the Italian Grand Prix, before this Friday, until Corriere della Sera. On this topic, the reigning Formula 1 world champion, the current resident of the Red Bull team, therefore declared specifically: “Never say never. But I have a contract with Red Bull until 2028. I’m not right, we’ll see what happens after 2028. Maybe I would have already retired.” Before expanding on his relationship with the Italian team: “I have a very good relationship with the two Scuderia drivers. We have many duels with Charles (Leclerc). (…) If I’m not sharper than before? It depends on many things: new cars, rules that have changed racing. Last year, qualifying was more important. Now it is easy to pass. And come back up.”

“We must not forget where they came from”

The Dutchman also spoke about the current season, and the problems faced by the Scuderia, while also welcoming its progress: “You must not forget where they came from. They lost a lot of points because of their mistakes, but let’s not forget the efforts made to return to fight at the top. The progress made since 2020 and 2021 is impressive.“Waiting for a possible future from Red Bull, Max Verstappen is focusing on this race weekend in Italy, in the fortress of the Scuderia. The Dutchman is very close to winning his second world championship title. Right now, he is even very comfortable. total units 109 on his dolphin, namely Charles Leclerc, resident of Ferrari.