record sales in 2021 for Prancing Horse?

record sales in 2021 for Prancing Horse?

Ferrari could end its 2021 financial year with sales records.

The Prancing Horse communicated earlier this week to its results the third quarter of the yeare. Contrary to previously published data by analysts’ agreement The truthwho were counting 188 million, the brand has received 207 million euros in profitan increase of 21%in three months.

A thriving record!

Overall, Ferrari presented 2,750 vehicles worldwide between July and September 2021, increased by 18.9 percent compared to the same period in 2020 and 11.2% in 2019. The new CEO of the Maranello manufacturing company, Benedetto Vignawho took the place from John Elkann, who himself was taken from Louis C. Camilleri, is pleased with the “solid results” after “setting a world record, in particular. in China and the United States“.

During this period, Ferrari sales increased 1.05 billion euros (+ 18.6% compared to 2020 and + 15.1% over 2019). As a result, the brand has adjusted its cash flow forecast, from 450 million to 550 million euros.

Conquer the West

Europe-Middle East-Africa remained Ferrari’s main market in the third quarter, with 1,308 vehicles. Submission increased by 40% on Continental America and doubling in China-Hong Kong-Taiwan.

Finally, its revenue from sale of cars and spare parts increased by 22% to 883 million euros. Funding and brand revenue grew by 1%. 95 million euros.

Sources: Ferrari, Belga

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