ready for the first trip!

ready for the first trip!

One of the 26 Alpine A110 of the French National Gendarmerie was seen in a critical condition, after violently exiting the road.

A few months ago, the rapid intervention teams (ERI) of the National Gendarmerie brought their new copies of the Alpine A110: 26 copies of the French sports coupe, prepared by the specialist builder Durisotti, have actually replaced the famous Renault Mégane RS.

In the same way as the previous Subaru Impreza WRX STi, the sports cars of the Gendarmerie are regularly shown and ways out interestingly, their drivers can sometimes, with overconfidence, lose their control.

Alpine A110 Gendarmerie: first copy back

It didn’t take long for one of these new Alpine A110s to meet the same fate: driving a truck, an Internet user captured this incident in a photo, which was published on the networks. social.

You can see the Alpine A110 of the Gendarmerie, which can be recognized by its blue color and its yellow and red reflective strips, placed on the roof after leaving the road in the field. The tire tracks that were on the ground testify to the loss of control of the car, before it ended up in the ditch and end up in a bin. The police is also standing near the car.

Alpine A110 Gendarmerie: an interesting accident

Currently, the exact nature of this accident is still unknown. Of course, we don’t know if it’s the result of violent racing, lack of control, loss of control, mechanical problem, or discomfort at the wheel.

The author of the photo only notes that it is a brigade of Meuse Gendarmerie (department 55), and that the accident happened near the A4 road, at the Fresnes-en-Woëvre exit, in the Verdun area.

Alpine A110 Gendarmerie: 26 copies of the sports coupe

Manufactured in Dieppe (76), 26 copies of the Alpine A110 intended for the Gendarmerie received their final fate in Sallaumines (62), in the builders’ workshops. Durisottispecialized in the conversion and installation of vehicles.

Compared to the serial model, they havespecial equipment such as screen printing, reflective markings, rotating beams and bright lights, horns, touch screen controls, or even a screen in the rear parcel shelf, allowing messages to be broadcast to passing vehicles.

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