Reader Vehicle Choice Award 2022: Win 5,000 euros in cash

Reader Vehicle Choice Award 2022: Win 5,000 euros in cash

2022 Reader Vehicle Choice Award Award
Join now and win 5,000 euros in cash

We want your feedback: Which manufacturer has the most advanced navigation, the most important online services or the most secure helpers? And which electric car charging station works best? Choose the technique you like in the different categories. We offer 5,000 euros in cash.

It’s time again: auto motor und sport is organizing a readers’ referendum for the ninth Car Connection Award. This year you have the opportunity to vote on your car technology integrated into twelve different categories.

Achim Hartmann

Among all the participants, we offer 5,000 euros as the main prize as well as five participation in the pilot day in auto motor und sport.

For many drivers, infotainment areas and support systems have long been essential for purchases such as car, space or suspension comfort. Developers are aware of this and, together with their distributors, are developing more sophisticated electronic systems that are designed to calm or entertain drivers on the road. However, as the range of work increases, so does the performance challenge. If the benefit in security is purchased through the helpers with a mixing operating menu that is very stressful on the go, the basic thing is that nothing is available.

New types related to electronic car charging

That’s why we want to know from you what technology you value the most – from mobile to operating systems and support to a connected car, i.e., the best internet car in general. For the first time this year we are offering a category from the electric car charging area. Here we are curious to know which charter service provider you have been using the most, what tariffs you prefer or what fast charging stock you prefer to fetch electricity.

Here you go directly to the engagement!

Among all the participants in the 2022 Car Connection Award and / or in the autonomis readers’ 2022 referendum, we offer a grand prize of 5,000 euros (bank transfers) as well as five times the participation in one day of testing in autonis und sport . (including transportation and accommodation, if applicable, cash payments) or exemption exchange). The liability order to be signed for the trial day can be accessed at

The deadline for entering the 2022 Car Connection Award is July 11, 2022.

Terms of Participation

Each participant can only vote once. Every reader over the age of 18 can participate, with the exception of the staff of the publishing group Motor Presse Stuttgart and their relatives. Legal means and list participation are not included. You can find more information about our terms of participation and data protection at here.

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