Rac(H)er, Alpine launches equal opportunity program

Rac(H)er, Alpine launches equal opportunity program

Alpine is launching its Rac(H)er program and is now committed to promoting diversity within its own teams. The program is designed to build excellent reputations for all genders and in all areas of the business, from technical jobs to racing and competition.

It will therefore make it possible to develop the skills and complements of the brand’s employees.

Alpine is launching the Rac(H)er, for the same opportunity

With the Rac(H)er initiative, Alpine is committed to promoting the inclusion and diversity of local teams at all levels, while women currently represent only 12% of its workforce.

The plan will start by investing in local STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs that encourage women to take science and technology paths, and ensure they stay there for a long time. Later, a mentoring program in all company departments will help develop female employees in their career aspirations.

Company managers will have to follow various training programs to actively fight against existing discrimination and defend Alpine’s values. The full program will aim to make every employee an ambassador capable of promoting Rac(H)er at all levels of the company to create a virtuous circle.

Our goal is to gradually increase the diversity of our teams, with an ambition of 30% women within 5 years (compared to 12% in 2022). This commitment starts now, by recruiting both graduates and young graduates.

A program within the Academy to train future F1 champions

In the 72 years of Formula 1, only six of the 885 drivers have been women. Today, the workforce of the BWT Alpine F1 Team is made up of 10% women. A typical average in the motorsport industry, but a clear example of the problems of women’s representation in motorsport.

Often, female talent is recognized and supported too late to allow them to pursue careers at the highest level in the long term. Therefore, the Academy program aims to identify, from a young age, female karting drivers who want to enter Formula 1. The program will follow a detailed roadmap aimed at introducing races, tests, physical training or even mental training to support the development of these talents . .

Alpine is committed to conducting scientific studies (physical, mental and well-being) to determine the training needs of these potential drivers to bring them to a competitive level in Formula 1. Significant resources will be allocated for the implementation of this program. giving female drivers the same chances of success as the Academy-trained male champions and thus moving from karting to F4, then from regional championships to F3 and finally from F2 to F1.

The Rac(H)er initiative aims to involve all stakeholders in motorsport and the automotive industry, from F1 and the FIA ​​Women’s Committee in Motorsport, as well as creating links with existing programs to challenge inclusion, such as Girls on . Song.

Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine

Our role as a Formula 1 team and a Renault Group brand is to commit to making our ecosystem more inclusive and making diversity our strength. We are aware of the need for deep change in our sport and industry so that all talents can express themselves in the future. By launching Rac(H)er, a long-term transformative program, we hope to connect with all players on the field, because only by uniting can we move forward. This is where our true success will lie.