Quick: What was in the news this Sunday, July 31

Quick: What was in the news this Sunday, July 31

The operation arrests 21 motorcyclists for the act of ‘breaking’ on the BR-277, in Greater Curitiba.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) arrested 21 people this morning, Sunday, July 31, during an operation to stop the behavior of ‘racing’ (racing between vehicles on public roads) on the BR-277, in São José dos Pinhais , in São José dos Pinhais. Metropolitan Region of Curitiba (RMC).

Paraná records 517 more cases of Covid-19 and seven deaths

The Minister of Health (Sesa) has released this Sunday (31) 517 more confirmed cases and seven deaths due to the infection caused by the new coronavirus. Statistics collected from the surveillance of Covid-19 show that Paraná has 2,681,369 cases and 44,261 deaths from the disease.

In the penalty shootout and ‘ex rule’, Athletico beat São Paulo and entered the G4.

Athletico Paranaense won 1-0 against São Paulo, this Sunday (31) afternoon, Arena da Baixada, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship. The goal was scored by midfielder Vitor Bueno, formerly of São Paulo, with a penalty kick. The match also had another penalty, missed by defender Thiago Heleno. With that result, the team from Paraná was in 4th place, with 34 points. The São Paulo team is in 10th place, with 26 points.

Paraná already has nine candidates for government. look who they are

The deadline for the definition of candidates in the October election ends on August 5, according to the election calendar. In the gatherings this weekend, six names were confirmed in the race for the governorship of Paraná. Adding to those that were already defined, so far there are nine initial candidates running for governorship.

Léo Kriger, who was president of the Israeli Federation and professor of dentistry, dies at the age of 80.

Léo Kriger, who was president of the Israel Federation and Centro Israelta do Paraná, famous dentist and professor of Dentistry at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR) and Tuiuti, he died in the hospital. 80 years old. Advocate of public oral health policies, he leaves his wife Helena and their children Cyrla and Rogério and four grandchildren inconsolable. He lived in Israel.

PM recovers historical weapons stolen from a museum in Lapa, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba.

The Military Police found two machine guns, two carbines and three boxes of ammunition that had been stolen from inside the Weapons Museum of Lapa, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba earlier this Sunday (31). After the complaint, the police searched the residence and found the items. One person was arrested.

Trucks crash on the BR-376, in Curitiba, blocking part of the road near the Volvo

Two trucks crashed on BR 376, towards Curitiba, near Volvo, in the early evening of this Sunday, July 31. According to previous reports, the accident was a rear-end collision, and there were no injuries, 483 km.

The body of a man stoned to death was found in the Barigui River, Curitiba

The body of a man who was stoned to death was found in the Barigui River, in the Industrial City of Curitiba, this Sunday morning (31). According to previous reports from the Military Police, the man would be stoned to death.

A car parade celebrates Saint Christopher, the patron saint of drivers, in Curitiba

São Cristóvão, the patron saint of drivers, was celebrated this Sunday morning, July 31, in the parish of the same name in Rua Santa Catarina, in Vila Guaíra, in Curitiba. A car rally has been organized by the community this morning. Cars roamed the streets of the neighborhood and the cars were blessed by priests.

The president of Paraná Clube fans has been admitted to the hospital in serious condition after an incident before the match

Members of the Fúria Independente, organized supporters of the Paraná Clube, pray for the president of the Fúria, Mauro Machado Urbim. He has been admitted to the Cajuru hospital in a serious condition. According to reports from fans, which Bem Paraná could reach, his head was trampled by a horse from the Mounted Police Unit of the Paraná Military Police.