Quick test: Kia EV6 is the car of the future right now |  Measurements

Quick test: Kia EV6 is the car of the future right now | Measurements

15 years ago, if someone asked what the car of the future would be, popular ideas could create a model and elegant, sporty and modern designvarious driver assistance devices, big screen and lots of interior space. But especially that it did not depend on gas stations, did not emit environmental pollution and had batteries capable of supporting even medium trips.

The EV6 will be released in the second half

This year, we can say that The car of the future has arrived and it goes by the name of Kia EV6, it was recently voted European Car of the Year.

car games practically went into the future and he evaluated the model even before it was launched in Brazil, scheduled for the second half of the year – even for that reason, the price has not yet been defined. However, we estimate that he will take the position range of BRL 350 thousandCompete on the compact and medium hatches and slightly below the Volvo XC40.

Visuals are the biggest attraction of the Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

But that’s a topic for a while. Before, I want invite you to take a good look at the gray car in the picture. Take as much time as you like. Now tell me: when was the last time you saw something so shiny (in the good sense of the word)?

O The EV6 is one of those cars that makes you turn your head when you see it on the road.. And look, that hasn’t happened to Kia for a good few years, despite the consistently good work of the South Korean design department.

O The design of the EV6 is unlike anything currently on the market in Brazil. And this is on purpose. He launches the language United’s rivals. According to the brand, inspiration is the differences found in nature and humanity.

The rear lights of the Kia EV6 form an arc at the back — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

The result is a a modern car, but without looking designed The Jetsons. It’s sophisticated without sounding snobby. Chrome doesn’t exist at all. The non-matte has a glossy black plastic finish. In terms of appearance, it is difficult to create a Kia: a mid-length hatch, a mid-length sedan and a large wheelbase of an SUV, but a crossover style.

There’s no shortage of bold angles, though bodywork to be almost free of defects. The head lights are reduced, the waist line is increased and the lamp takes advantage of the shape of the damage on the trunk lid to keep part of the lighting system.

Directional lights complete the arc type. Without a doubt, the rear is the most attractive part of this Kia. I say this with a dose of excitement, but I’m not alone. O The EV6 took home the 2021 Best Design Awards and are often cited as type references.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

During three days of living with the EV6, the most frequently asked question was: “This is Tesla?“. Perhaps because, although Elon Musk’s brand has no official operations in Brazil, Tesla is synonymous with electric car. So, let’s take the questions as credit to Kia.

I won’t go into the comparison between Tesla and Kia because my only experience inside the former was in the back seat and for less than an hour. So, let’s move on to talking about the EV6. He not the first electric Kiabut it is the first to be built on the E-GMP platformsuitable for vehicles of this type.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

One of the advantages is better use of space. At 4.69 meters, he is only 6 centimeters longer than the Toyota Corolla. But the wheelbase is a big car. Height 2.90 meters, 20 cm more compared to the Toyota and 11 cm more than the Jeep Commander.

All right People of 1.90m will be comfortable. With my 1.73 meters, I was able to cross my legs without any problems. Another advantage is flat floorwithout the usual protuberance of combustion models.

There is also plenty of space for luggage. in the stem going 520 liters and another 52 l can be handled in a plastic box placed where the combustion engine will be at the front. This area is free because the electric motor is in the back, it also drives the rear wheels. The configuration chosen for Brazil, the GT-Line, is the middle one in other markets.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

What? 229 hp and 35.7 kgfm of torque and a package of Battery 77 kWh. In Europe, the engine combination on both axles is still available, 585 hp with a small battery kit, and 58 kWh.

Selected option for Brazil guarantees the EV6 a range of 528 km in the WLTP cycle. Kia says the model is still being compared, but the range should be between 450 and 500 km – which will put it among the best in this regard.

The loading speed also promises surprise. The Kia EV6 has the same technology as the Porsche Taycan and Audi RS e-tron GT, with an 800 volt battery which allows very fast recharges in devices up to 350 kW.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

In this particular case, plant from 10% to 80% charge takes only 18 minutes. However, devices of this type are still very rare in Brazil and there is a limitation in the charging speed of the cars themselves, usually 270 kW.

However, it is hard to squeeze with EV6 in daily use. The estimate of freedom on the on-board computer is quite realistic. It is still possible to choose three driving modes, Normal, Eco and Sport, with very noticeable differences in behavior, but not so much in freedom – which differed by almost 20 kilometers between the most economical and the most expensive.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

The recovery of kinetic energy can be adjusted in three levels and also in automatic mode, controlled by the car itself.

Behind the wheel, the EV6 presents its greatest contradiction. this version it lacks the suggested playability and external design. Of course, the zero mark of 7.1-seconds-100 km / h is respectable, but the handling is more like a luxury sedan than a sports car – even in the spiciest mode.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

But that takes a backseat to the EV6’s other features. It is obvious that the silence is more noticeable than the models of combustion. But it must be noted that, however, the rolling is very smooth – characteristic of Nexen N Fera Sport tires – specific to electric models.

Yours The steering is completely accurate and has the right weight for every event. The suspension, with its multilink rear architecture, filters out ground imperfections well, despite transmitting too many floor oscillations that are not well protected.

I’m curious how the more powerful version fares, as the whole set seems ready to accelerate more and make turns faster.

O The arsenal of driver aids is wide: adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning with steering wheel adjustment, automatic emergency braking, 360-degree cameras and a head-up display are just the highlights.

Beautiful on the outside, practical on the inside

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

O EV6 is full of beautiful balconies – Visual and functional. Examples are the USB ports on the side of the front seats, the space under the center console to carry bags and pouches, the seat folding system (which even resembles business class airline seats) and climate control and audio system menus, which occupy the same bar on the center consolebut it is turned on via a button on the touchpad.

The pedal of the Kia EV6 has the inscription EV; The USB port is on the side of the seat — Photo: André Paixão and Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

The finish isn’t quite the same as that of the luxury models, but it’s up there with Kia’s regular competitors. The apartment has a modern, bright look two screens of 12.3 inches each. The Easter egg is on the brake pedal, with a sort of grid forming the letters EV.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

from outside, The charging nozzle is located next to the right flashlight and the handles are hidden in the body when the car is locked or moving. If you need to park in an area with more than 90 degrees, no problem.

The EV6 has a remote parking system that can be controlled with a key. Just get out of the car and it can move forward or reverse at the touch of a button.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

Even after the launch, in the second half of the year, it will not be an easy task to find the Kia EV6 on the streets of Brazil. The high price (as with all electric cars) and the limited number of units available in Brazil should make the South Korean crossover a supporting role, even within the small niche of battery-powered models. But he will definitely be one of the references of the category.

It is proof that the future is today.

Kia EV6 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

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