“Quality also goes through after sales”

“Quality also goes through after sales”

The recent general manager of Alfa Romeo France, Paola Pichierri decided to defeat suppliers and large rental companies to prepare for the arrival of the new Tonale SUV. Opportunity to present brand expectations in terms of quality and its lightning speed plan.

Automatic Information: Is the client targeted with this new Tonale?

Paola Pichierri: We think we have 40% of private customers, 40% of professional clients. Others will be divided between short-term rental companies and protest vehicles. Customers should be able to try Tonale, this is very important. It is important that private and professional customers get the quality of this car.

Automatic Information: How do you prepare for the arrival of Tonale on the Internet?

Paola Pichierri: I have met almost all investors and they are all looking forward to Tonale. They are often distributors of many brands but they know that Alfa Romeo is in the paid category. So we asked them to give the seller a brand.

Automatic Information: How to influence the quality network of Tonale?

Paola Pichierri: We can’t just train sales people. Quality also goes through after-sales service. We will bring together post-sales managers from all our vendors to show them the Pomigliano factory on video. The Tonale quality manager on site is French. He will explain to you everything that is being done on the site to ensure the quality of each vehicle.

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