PS5 still not on the market?  Participate in these auctions organized by the Government

PS5 still not on the market? Participate in these auctions organized by the Government

If, even two years after its release, you’re still struggling to find a PS5 on the market, we may have a solution for you. Although it may seem surprising, the French government will soon sell two models. These are toys seized by the court, which will be presented for auction.

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When the lack of features entered our daily lives, we were still far from thinking that it would still affect the availability of the PS5 two years later. However, it is clear that Sony is still facing great difficulties in making its console in sufficient proportions. Stores and merchant websites relentlessly display the same message: out of stock.

Don’t worry: if the store shelves are empty, there are still government stocks. You read that right, you will soon be able to buy a PS5 directly from the French authorities. The opportunity will arise on October 4 and 5, in Lyon and Marseille, during the auction organized by the Agency for the Management and Recovery of Confiscated and Nationalized Assets (AGRASC).

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Buy your PS5 directly from the French State

You guessed it, the PS5 presented are therefore examples taken by the rights, which are now re-distributing to the population. Obviously they are not the only ones as they will be accompanied by other technology products and luxury items, such as Airpods Pro. “More than 200 products of different origins will be offered at each sale: luxury cars (Chevrolet Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, etc.), jewelry, gold coins, diamonds and watches (Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, etc.), leather goods , drawings and many other lots,” the statement read.

Note that the two consoles are in very different packages, as the first comes only with the DualSense controller, while the second is sold with two controllers and six games, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Watch Dogs: Legion. So the chances are very small, you have to admit, but if you want to try your luck, it’s by clicking this link that is happening. The starting price of the first model is €400, but it should quickly reach Sony’s suggested price of €550.