Protect your luxury or sports car with class and efficiency!  – Le Mag Sport Auto

Protect your luxury or sports car with class and efficiency! – Le Mag Sport Auto

Nowadays, the solutions to protect your car are many and varied. With this need to remove accommodation that is compatible with any type of environment. Because due to weather disturbances that have been happening for several years, storms, rains and even large hailstones spread every year, without geographical differences. Also, when you own a new car, especially a luxury model (Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Audi, BMW, etc.), installing protection is now necessary. However, you don’t have to invest in a lot of work to effectively protect your car. Indeed, aluminum garages are democratic, legally.

Aluminum carport: an elegant and economical solution

Yes, it is possible, at a reasonable cost, to protect your luxury car, while you have an elegant, eye-pleasing and elegant solution. Also, during this summer period, offers are available, especially for those looking for a aluminum garage. As you can see from the image on the cover of this article, this station wagon has a modern, elegant look, which adapts to any premium or sports car. More firmly, the price rises more or less between 1800 and 6500 euros, taking into account ongoing promotions. In addition, it is possible to choose two residences or just to change the concept next to the classic garage, at a higher price.

In addition, several solutions are available among concepts attached, independent, or on 2 posts. But it is also possible to choose different design materials such as wood or metal. In addition, the car port roof also leaves some freedom for its future owner. From the polycarbonate roof, with very high quality, to the system with solar panels, allowing electricity to be produced, the best for the electricity model as we get more and more. with Tesla or other more traditional brands.