profit recovery for competitors

profit recovery for competitors

This March 2022 will be left for Tesla of the Model 3 high inflation. The electric sedan returns at a price not seen for more than a year. Rising prices that benefit the competition.

Prices are very high for Tesla. While recently announcing a new increase in its main chargers, the American manufacturer has significantly increased the prices of its Model 3 in recent days. Although it was priced at 43,800 euros excluding the bonus two weeks ago, the American sedan star sedan has found three consecutive price increases that affect the unprecedented value of money.

While the first increase forced customers to be satisfied with the version without the option of continuing to benefit from the higher bonus, the second only eliminated the possibility of earning it. Announced this week, the recent increase did not affect the amount of the bonus. However, it adds 3,000 euros to the bill. Today, the entry level of Elon Musk company is displayed at 49,990 euros.

The most competitive competitors

Faced with this sudden increase in prices, competing brands are cheering. The first one we can refer to is the Kia with EV6 whose entry price is 47,990 euros before the bonus in the propulsion configuration. Now cheaper than the US sedan, the Korean offers at that price a wide range (528 km). Its top-of-the-line component, the GT-Line version in a 4-wheel drive, is priced at 59,790 euros, or 800 euros more than the Model 3 Grande Autonomie. Still in the Korean group, obviously we are thinking of the Hyundai Ioniq 5. If it is like an SUV, it still sets an affordable price of 43,600 euros. At 46,800 euros, the Ioniq 5 offers even 481 miles of freedom.

But it is also on the side of the French version that the public can turn. Obviously we are thinking of the electric Renault Megane. If it does not play in the same unit, the Frenchman offers a 60 kWh battery and 470 km of autonomy for 40,200 euros, excluding bonuses. Added to this is the Volkswagen ID.3. Now reduced to a single finish level, the German compact will show up from € 44,680.

Charged at € 58,990, the Model 3 Grande Autonomie is also increasingly impressive. Indeed, it will cost 9,000 euros more. But differences in performance and battery life can be justified.

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Example Freedom of WLTP Prices excluding bonuses Price of bonus deducted individuals Companies cut bonus prices
Renault Megane e-Tech EV60 470km € 40,200 € 34,200 € 36,200
Hyundai Ioniq 5 58kWh 384 km € 43,600 € 37,600 € 39,600
Volkswagen ID3 425 km € 44,680 € 38,680 € 40,680
Hyundai Ioniq 5 73kWh 451 – 481 km € 46,800 € 44,800 € 44,800
Kia EV6 RWD 528 km € 47,990 € 45,990 € 45,990
Tesla 3 model 491 km € 49,990 € 47,990 € 47,990
Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy 602km € 58,990 € 57,990 € 57,990

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