Production of Nissan GT-R for 2022 is complete, goodbye for R35?

Production of Nissan GT-R for 2022 is complete, goodbye for R35?

It is the epitome of most games in the Nissan catalog, which, to date, has not been defeated by any kind of electronics. The Nissan GT-R was launched on the market in 2007 and has been on sale for 15 years.

At the end of last summer, Nissan presented an upgrade package with the most unique design in a wide range of products, accompanied by two special versions, Premium T-Spec version Y GT-R Song Edition Created by Nismo T-Spec. Both are found in Japan and the first also in Australia, each with a special personality.

But, according to German sources, GT-R import books in Rising Sun Land have already been closed, and All production by 2022 sold out completely. In addition, the model has been abandoning offers in different markets, in Europe for not adapting to new noise and noise pollution regulations, and for others such as Australia, it dropped sales late last year. Practically is the only United States left, where the 2021 edition is still on sale.

Elegant and sporty Cockpit Nissan GT-R T-Spec

The arrival of the future Nissan GT-R R36 is evident

Popular as “Godzilla», The disappearance of the sports model in these markets, as well as from the Japanese at home, has opened a rumor that Nissan would be ready to cook a new generation, which was baptized as R36. Something that is not surprising if we focus on that The R35 entered the market in 2007 and doubled its normal business life cyclecollecting not less than 15 years behind him.

The truth is The R36 has already been under construction for four years. Alfonso Albaisa himself confirmed in 2018 that these developments had begun, but so far not a single idea of ​​prototypes has emerged. Something that, on the other hand, is normal, as progress is being made in central Japan and spy images are not as common as in Europe or other regions of the world, which are added that they are doing their job. measurements in well-protected circuits from the outside.

Nissan will not give up on GT-R’s successor, but it is necessary to connect the type of power to the board of the sports car. British sources indicated last season that the manufacturer is working on a a new hybrid high performance train based on the new Z6 V6 enginemeanwhile one of those involved in the brand recently identified it as a sports car saga. will continue in the era of electric vehicles, transforming into a zero-emission model. What is clear is that, after 15 years, we will see a whole new generation, and soon to come.

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