production launched – 98.5 Montreal

production launched – 98.5 Montreal

The model was presented in concept form in 2017 and finally, its production has started in Germany. Of course we are talking about the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, a modern and electric version of the legendary Microbus that Volkswagen produced in its early days.

As far as we are concerned, we will still have to be patient, because the first version of the product is planned for next year by us, like 2024 model.

Amazing, id. The Buzz was one of the first electric cars approved by Volkswagen after the diesel engine scandal broke in September 2015. The company, which dreamed of bringing this model back to the fore, had reason to do so.

Regarding the start of the assembly of the new model, Carsten Intra, chairman of the Volkswagen brand management board, commercial division, had this to say: “The beginning of the identity production. Buzz is an important step in the electrification of our fleet and for the manufacturing operations at the Hannover site. This vehicle is an important pillar for the full use of our plant and thus safeguarding the future of the site. ยป

The Hannover plant is now Volkswagen’s third in Europe to produce electric sedans, the other two being in Zwickau and Emden.

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Production in 2022 will be limited, however, as the company expects to assemble only 15,000 units in Hanover, with plans to increase production in 2023. The automaker expects annual capacity to potentially reach 130,000 units once production has reached its full speed. to travel

For our version, note that Volkswagen will only offer a three-row, long-wheelbase configuration. Europe will also inherit the van-like, short-wheelbase variant.

The model has a lot of potential because of its good style, its practical design, and its electrical configuration. It represents a key piece of the Volkswagen electric puzzle. That is why we are interested in his fate. It will be very interesting to see the reaction of North American users when it is finally released here.

Identification production.  The buzz has been established