Prices of used cars for a record high: Diesel golf is suddenly very popular

Price in record high: 30 percent more for diesel Golf: These used cars are really expensive

The declining production of a new car currently drives up the prices of used cars. This is especially true for electric cars – but not only. The numbers collected for FOCUS Online indicate which cars were suddenly stolen.

The EU wants to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035 – only electric vehicles will be allowed to be sold. Aside from gas cars, this is already the only segment of cars that are still publishing the growth of new registrations in the highly regulated car market. What many people ignore is that very few buyers want to own an electric car at all. At the same time, however, manufacturers are responding by providing fewer combustion engines or no combustion engines at all in multiple rows.

Used cars: Good diesel and gasoline engines are becoming scarce

The result is obvious: at least in the transition phase, the supply of used diesel and gasoline vehicles will decrease much faster than demand. This is also reflected in the present used cars– Price development. The average price has risen by almost 25 percent in the past year .

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Route: While used cars still cost an average of 21,793 euros in March 2021, by March 2022 it was already 26,817 euros. The highest monthly price increase was from January 2022 to February 2022 (plus 3.2 percent), followed by a change from November 2021 to December 2021 (plus 2.9 percent). Vehicles with a maximum mileage of 200,000 and a maximum of 20 years were considered. The current inflation rate is declining slightly again, but real change should not be expected, also because of high inflation rates.

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Diesel Golf, Polo and G example: Kings of secret price

For FOCUS Online alone, Germany’s largest used car market,, has selected a few designs for which price increases are the highest. The comparison was made between March 2021 and March 2022. The average price increase for all used cars listed on during this period was 23.1 percent, with the number of ads declining by 24.3 percent to around 1.2 million – the only one that already shows how the market of used cars is slow but certainly empty.

In the following, FOCUS Online shows some of the designs based on the mobile network data that are currently popular, and some of the recommended cars whose prices have risen more than average.

1. VW Polo: a jumping price of 38 percent

Because small cars are less profitable for manufacturers and also more expensive to produce because of the world’s highest levels of greenhouse gases in the European Union, they are disappearing from many manufacturers. Audi, for example, buries its A1, Opel has already stopped using Karl and Adam minis and even Fiat offers one version of the petrol for its 500. This lack of equipment and poor current fuel prices could mean that the used VW Polo is very attractive:

  • The average price that sellers charged for used VW Polo (gasoline engine) rose by 38 percent within a year. . In March 2021, a small car was still advertised for an average of 10,105 euros; it is currently 13,941 euros.
  • Meanwhile, the number of polo offers has been steadily declining, and currently has less than 20,000 listed designs.

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2. VW Golf: Diesel is in high demand – and it is becoming increasingly rare

Volkswagen wants to get rid of its petrol and diesel buyers, and in just a few years the Wolfsburg-based company will be selling only electric cars in Europe. Buyers of used cars seem to be blowing the whistle: VW Golf TDI for all items is in high demand right now.

  • The number of offers dropped by 16 percent within a year.
  • Prices, on the other hand, rose by 31 percent. A used VW Golf with a diesel engine costs an average of 20,018 euros today – which closely matches the current price of the current Golf 8 as a gasoline engine (20,395 euros).
  • Distribution of used Gasoline Golfs has also declined sharply (minus 16.8 percent), but the average percentage of price has not risen as much as diesel. However, you must make an average of 20,368 euros – one year ago which was more than 16,000 euros.

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3. VW Touran and Sharan: A quarter more per car

Volkswagen was once known for its luxury cars, but was introduced to the minivan market by Touran. That’s over, because new brand-new electric cars are coming more or less into the SUV system. As a used car, vehicles are required:

  • The largest number of tourists decreased by 31 percent than a year ago is currently offered on, with the average price rising by 24 percent to 21,653 euros.
  • The big VW Sharan slide is even offered at 25 percent more expensive, with the number of family car ads also declining.

4. Premium deals? Not for BMW or Audi

Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series they are popular as company cars and, in their versions of the station car, as used family carriages. This is especially true for Audi:

  • The range of used Audi A6s dropped by almost 21 percent a year, while prices rose by 24.5 percent to an average of more than 36,000 euros. The supply of used cars even decreased by 34 percent Audi A4 return.
  • The BMW 5 Series is offered 28 percent lower, but the average price of around 31,000 euros is much lower than that of the competitor Audi (and increased by only 13.6 percent).

5. Mercedes S-Class: Small price increase

In times of crisis and fuel price records, luxury limousines commonly used are rarely needed. But that too is becoming increasingly rare S class:

  • Above all, the diesel offer is down (minus 38 per cent), with an average of 72,622 euros required for the S-Class with a diesel engine (plus 11.4 per cent).
  • The supply of gasoline engines has decreased by 13.8 percent, but the price increase of 13.4 percent is more pronounced than that of diesel.

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6. Model Mercedes G – G like garage gold

With 38% – the average price is 166,689 euros of luxury – a roadless road is a good investment, even in times of rising oil prices. Offers were reduced by 11 percent, buyers could choose from around 1800 cars. Although: Prices for G-model Land Rover Defender competitor increased “only” by 21 percent from March 2021 to March 2022. and for an average of 64,510 euros you can get British for cheaper than Mercedes.

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7. Minis required: Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper

Similar to the VW Polo, cars like the Mini and Fiat 500 are now more attractive than the big gas sellers. But both are not compatible with VW Polo’s rise in price:

  • The Fiat 500 (like a gasoline engine) has dropped by a third on its list at But prices have risen “only” by 18.8 percent – which still means you have to budget more than 13,400 euros for the Italian cult midget.
  • The Mini Cooper averages 15,789 euros (plus 21.3 percent), with offers reduced by 11 percent.

8. Toyota Prius: Not very popular even used

A budget car like the Toyota Prius should be the buyer’s magnet for now. But although eco-car is almost the most endangered species on its list – distribution fell by 52 percent in the year to 362 offers listed on – average prices rose by only 13.6 percent.

9. Tesla: Expensive electric cars are not compatible with inflation

The prices of the most sought after electric car on the market, Tesla, are staggering. High growth would be expected here as well, but it is not. However, you should look closely at the numbers:

  • Because it was rising the average price of the Tesla Model 3 increased by 6.3 percent to 48,721 euros , which is below the current level of inflation. But: Unlike all other cars analyzed in our analysis growth supply of Tesla Model 3 used and not reduced. 122 percent more Model 3 used than at the beginning of 2021 are currently on sale . Despite the double supply, there is still a strong demand for inflation, albeit moderate.
  • The situation is different for the larger Tesla Model S: Prices here also went up by 6.3 percent (up to an average of 52,960 euros), but at the same time the offer dropped by 29 percent. be bigger.

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Of course, Tesla regularly distorts the used car market for its models by introducing dramatic changes in its new car prices almost without warning – sometimes high and sometimes low.

Conclusion: good used without plugs are increasingly rare

The designs under consideration only reflect the share of the wholesale market and refer only to’s largest sales platform. But the trend is clear: The range of used cars, especially the popular gasoline and diesel models, is declining and prices are likely to continue to rise now. . When it comes to new cars in Germany, electric cars will dominate in just a few years. If you have a popular and reliable combustion engine and do not want to use it more and more as a used car, you should go hunting.

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